SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre. We inspire and bring out the best in everyone we meet.


SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre and we have won numerous awards for the quality and effectiveness of our training.

Our 4 main pillars for adults are:

  • 1) Meditation and Mindfulness
  • 2) Corporate Training
  • 3) Reiki Self Healing
  • 4) Wisdom Coaching (The "BEST" Technique)

Vikas Malkani is the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach, a coach to Hollywood professionals.
In 1997, Vikas left his corporate position of CEO to commit his life to sharing ancient wisdom he had decoded with people everywhere – wisdom that guarantees happiness, abundance and fulfilment. .
- Willy David Ekre (Norway)

We teach from absolute beginner all the way to teacher level and thousands of students have passed through our centres.


Wake – Inspire – Sleep – Repeat is our mantra.

We offer a premium, professional environment in the centre of Singapore’s prestigious business district and from here we support our teachers and centres globally. Our training programs are professionally taught and follow strict training and learning guidelines. Our teachers have all undergone rigorous training directly with the founders and individual on-going assessments are conducted to ensure the highest quality and professionalism at all times. We walk the talk of our teachings, each and every day.

Vikas Malkani at Tedx

Our teachers are listed on our web site and we fully support them in all their endeavours. Our programs are trademarked and our intellectual property is protected in 37 countries. We offer over 16 best selling books written by our founders, Vikas & Sally, as well as 48 high definition DVDs and online learning modules. We work with individuals, schools, companies and children, and at all times we simply give the best we have to offer. Professionalism, passion and a deep driving desire to bring out the best in everyone we meet are the secrets of our success.


What do we offer for children?

We have an award winning life–skills program for children called SoulKids. SoulKids inspires children and teaches then self-confidence, creative thinking, resilience, teamwork, leadership, self belief and so much more through stories, games and fun.

Visit for more information on our children's programs. In addition, we offer meditation and mindfulness for children as well as workshops for teenagers.