Once again, Vikas you have touched lives with your gems of wisdom and techniques

Tony Tan-Deputy CEO Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd
Dear Vikas I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the corporate session "Maximising professional and personal results in 2017" customised for Imperium last Friday. Imperium is going trough a period of rapid transformation and it is reflected on the staff we hire and the technologies that are being brought into the IT market both in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. My concern has always been how to ensure emotional stability and happiness for the staff while achieving even greater corporate success. How do we merge these two diverse and seemingly different goals and fuse them together especially in 2017 that has started with so much uncertainty and disruption? But you delivered it! Not only did you take my concerns and packaged it in a way that could really connect with Imperium but you delivered it with passion and energy. Though it was a 4 hours session, after lunch, the staff remained not only fully engaged but had may "Ah Ha" moments. This was reflected in the survey that was carried out 2 days after the workshop. And the most telling moment was when the management asked if they would want to do it again the answer was a resounding YES!! Once again, Vikas you have touched lives with your gems of wisdom and techniques. 40 persons have been touched by you that day and I can see the difference in the way they are handling situations as well as looking at life and all for the better.