Teams multiply and hasten your ability to achieve your goals!
- Vikas

Great success requires great teams! Teams expand our possibilities and make it easier and faster for bigger goals to be achieved.

What elements make up a good team? What are the roles of a team leader and team members? What personalities are conducive to teamwork? What makes a team successful and what factors lead to its failure?

Vikas will simplify this essential aspect of success for individuals and companies. Powerful stories with valuable lessons in teamwork, results focused exercises and games, and effective strategies to make teams more effective, will allow you to enhance the level of your performance and achievements.

"Vikas is inspirational and has a knack of driving home powerful and practical pointers.
His ranking was the highest an invited trainer has ever scored."
- Ruth Chua, Managing Director, GYC (Singapore)

The results of good teamwork are tangible and visible for all to see. Vikas has trained leadership teams in many corporations and brings the power of simplicity to this complicated but essential aspect of business and success. An efficient team can achieve more with less effort in a shorter team. Good teams are indeed the secret behind every successful company.

This is a training workshop that will benefit your company for years to come. It will share the skills and tools to help any team function more effectively


Cutting-edge research into teams and teamwork has shown that teams play a critical role in higher productivity, performance, and job satisfaction within the company.

Individuals who are part of cohesive teams are more driven, more creative, and earn greater respect from their colleagues. They are able to stay calm, flexible, and focused when workplace instability sets in. They also perform better under pressure.

Studies have shown that teams can have a profound effect on a person's ability to create more rewarding, collaborative, and satisfying workplace relationships. This, in turn, leads to greater productivity, reduced stress and anxiety, higher levels of performance, and a greater sense of belonging and camaraderie - all critical components of a successful, productive workplace.

When teams are cohesive and work as an integrated unit, there is an increase in the qualities of self-confidence and leadership; additionally turnover rates drop, productivity levels rise, and profits tend to increase.

Who will benefit?

Leadership positions require efficient team-building. The leading and inspiring of teams to achieve set objectives is the responsibility of every entrepreneur, CEO, Managing Director or Department head. The training will benefit any individual who is a part of a team or responsible for the management of multiple teams.

It is also extremely beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their performance at work and intending to climb the corporate ladder.

Who should attend? 

  1. CEOs, Managing Directors and those in senior management positions.
  2. Teams who need to work together to meet enhanced goals.
  3. Those in positions of influence, as knowledge always flows from the leader to the team.
  4. Valuable for anyone who desires more control over their own happiness.
  5. Professionals and Executives who want to achieve a breakthrough in their career and personal life.
  6. Supervisors and Managers who wants to develop sustainable productivity growth in their team.
  7. Supervisors and Managers who want to nurture and retain talents in their team.

Good teams optimize results. Understand teams and teamwork like you have never done before.

Benefit your company

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