Our teachers are truly inspirational
and know how to bring out the best in others.

SoulCentre is recognised as Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre and students from over 37 countries have learnt with us.

Our programs are authentic, professional and effective. The teachings cross borders easily and are effective no matter the language they are taught in. We inspire everyone we meet to be the best that they can be and the results are life changing.

We understand the importance of the educator and know that teachers are so important.

"I have attended many courses run by Vikas Malkani and the material they offer is exceptional.
It has been profoundly helpful in my personal and professional development."
- Deborah Thurley (Singapore)

Teachers matter more than any other aspect of your schooling / education and this is why we inspire all our teachers to be their very best.

If you love what we teach and you wish to become a certified teacher with us then we offer 4 subjects with comprehensive training

  • • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • • Reiki Self Healing
  • • BEST Wisdom Coaching
  • • SoulKids Mentor

We love to work with like minded people and the values that we welcome in our teachers are:

  • • Passion and enthusiasm
  • • A positive attitude to life
  • • Being action orientated
  • • Integrity and honesty
  • • Dedication, devotion and discipline to the role

Our teachings are professionally presented and are supported with best selling books and DVDs. The materials and content are IP (intellectual property) protected in over 37 countries. More information on each subject is listed below in the red box.

Do join us, it will be the best decision you ever made and the greatest gift that you can give to yourself! You become what you teach, and you inspire, educate and empower all you meet. Once you touch the heart of a student and you change their life forever.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Become a teacher of our unique meditation programs, transform yourself and inspire others, through our ‘Certified Meditation Teacher’ training program.

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Reiki Self Healing

Dedicated and passionate Reiki Masters who will join Sally and spread the wisdom of Reiki on a global scale. Our programs are world class, professional and effective.

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BEST Wisdom Coaching

Become a coach of our unique BEST Technique and inspire others to SHINE, EVOLVE and BLOOM.

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SoulKids Mentor

The SoulKids Mentor training program is extremely transformational and provide you the secrets to inspire and empower your children and family.

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