Life is not meant to be a struggle!
- Vikas

Discover the fastest way to success and abundance.

All achievers, anywhere in the world, share a set of common traits. ‘Success without Struggle’ is a unique corporate training program that shares the essential principles needed to propel one towards success without struggle. In this training you will understand the mind-set and beliefs it takes to shatter the chains of mediocrity and soar to the heights of excellence in one’s chosen field.

The creation of success and wealth begins in our thoughts long before it becomes real in our life.

"As the keynote speaker at one of our annual international customer events, Vikas was loved by the entire audience and received one of the highest ratings ever in our feedback process.
I highly recommend Vikas as he brings benefit to both the individual and the organisation."
- Etienne Szivo, Executive Vice President (Global Sales), Head of GCM, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

The one crucial factor that separates the achiever from the also-ran is the ability to remain motivated from within, regardless of external turbulence. The secret lies in working on one’s attitude – to stay energized, manage stress, remain focused, banish procrastination & remain persistently passionate.

A person in control of their thoughts, emotions and actions will work with clarity, confidence, efficiency and heightened creativity in whatever role they take up. Such a person will create success without struggle.


This training program shares knowledge and tools that stretches the parameters of linear growth. Designed for those serious about success in their work and life, this potent training unleashes the creativity within, leading one to break free from limitations and conditioning.

Powerful techniques from Vikas's best-selling book, The Little Manual of Success, are a part of this inspirational corporate training.


This training guides you to achieve set objectives and create success at your chosen pace, while enjoying the work that you do. This training is designed to address issues faced at the modern workplace – boredom due to monotonous and long hours of work, stress as a result of meeting deadlines, pressure due to client demands, and inefficient use of time and efforts. Enhancing productivity, increasing creativity and enjoying happiness at work and in daily life are also addressed.

The workshop will directly benefit all participants by sharing with them important life-skills. These life-skills share practical and powerful tools to create success without struggle, and raise the happiness ones enjoys at work and life on a daily basis. Strategies will be shared which will allow the participants to live life and perform at work in a more optimal manner.

Not only will the participants benefit tremendously, but the corporation itself will also benefit as the overall performance and efficiency of the participants will increase.

This is powerful training, for the individual and the company too, says Vikas.

Who should attend?

This corporate training is specially designed for individuals, leadership teams, senior management and employees/staff of companies seeking to achieve higher objectives.

‘Success without Struggle’ will share practical techniques that bring make success a daily activity.

Benefit your company

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