Guided Meditation for Happiness

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Guided Meditation for Happiness

Guided Meditation for Happiness

Guided Meditation for Happiness – Sally Forrest -Audio file to download, duration: 16 min and 10 seconds.

The world is speeding up and we are connected 24/7 to stimulus and gadgets. Have you ever stopped to think about your super busy mind? When does your mind get time to rest and truly relax? Meditation classes are wonderful to attend, however busy schedules and meetings that over run, coupled with traffic jams and a feeling of ‘I simply cannot be bothered after such a hectic day’ often mean you skip class.

So now we have the solution – 4 professionally recorded guided meditations by our resident experts Vikas Malkani and Sally Forrest. Relaxing music and verbal instructions to bring you to a state of inner happiness and bliss. 15-20 minutes is all it takes.

Relaxing music and words of wisdom that guide you into a state where your mind-body and spirit truly relaxes and regenerates. Health, healing happiness and inner peace result. Simply switch on and listen to the relaxing music and words of wisdom. Plan it into your schedule, make it a part of your daily routine and see the benefits immediately.

Download it onto your phone and bliss out on the train;) It becomes a companion and a trusted guide in times of need.

Some of the many benefits include:

• Deep inner stillness

• Removal of negative thoughts

• Clearing the clutter in the mind and allowing relaxation and focus

• Reduces stress

• Reduces anxiety

• Helps pain management

• Improves sleep

• Removes anger and negative emotions

• Increases happiness, joy and wellbeing.

Wisdom had never been so affordable

ONLY 25 SGD per track or 75 SGD for all 4 tracks

Guided Meditation for Happiness mp3

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