Season 1, Life Lessons 10 DVD, Be authentic

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Season 1, Life Lessons 10 DVD, Be authentic
When we are authentic, we live in a place of power, positivity and inner peace. We are also connected to our life purpose and are able to share it with others. Being authentic brings happiness and contentment on all levels. In this wonderful interaction, Vikas give us 8 effective strategies on how to live and authentic life.
In the Life Lessons series, Vikas shares important and valuable tips for us to live the life of our highest potential. happiness, contentment, love, abundance-all is possible for us when we come from a place of wisdom and inner power. Let Vikas show you how...
Vikas Malkani is one of the worlds leading teachers of personal growth and spiritual wisdom.
He is also a best-selling author and a life guide to thousands around the world.
His inspirational teachings are practical, yet profound; simple yet magnificent;easy yet effective; fun yet life transforming.
Vikas makes the deepest wisdom simple to understand and benefit from.

Duration: 2 hours (PAL)
Language: English, Recorded LIVE

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