You are born to SHINE bright!

Discover your passion, purpose and inner power. Find the smoothest path to your highest life. Coach yourself to bringing out your highest potential.

Do you know your life-purpose?
Do you know that finding & following your life-purpose will bring both happiness & success?

We are all born with a tremendous potential inside us, yet somehow as life passes, our brilliance tends to fade. We settle for less than our best. We accept mediocrity & bury our own dreams.

"Vikas is the ‘Steve Jobs’ of wisdom. He makes the deepest wisdom of life so simple to understand and apply. Pure genius."
-Ankush Wadhwa

SHINE is a powerful life-skills program based on ancient enlightened wisdom decoded by Vikas. It is designed for people who want an authentic transformation process that is tested over the years. Undergoing this training leads to tremendous positive results and massive personal growth. SHINE gives you essential life-skills to bring out your greatest potential. It lays bare the unseen process of how and why things happen in your life and shows you how to create the life you desire.

We are all born with a promise - to be the best we can be and to shine our uniqueness on the world. SHINE helps you fulfill this promise to your life.

SHINE is a fun and transformational program that is sure to touch you deeply. You will learn about Universal Laws of Manifestation including the Law of Attraction. You will also learn practical ways to apply these laws to your daily life to manifest the results you want.

If you have been struggling to find happiness; if you seem to live life without purpose or passion; if you are eager to find love and connection; if you are finding it hard to create prosperity, then you need to understand and master these laws at the earliest. Vikas brings you the ancient wisdom of enlightenment in the simplest manner possible. These techniques of life mastery combined with amazing stories and modern teaching techniques will make you experience a program like no other.

Real Experiences

Vikas is the ‘Steve Jobs’ of wisdom. He makes the deepest wisdom of life so simple to understand and apply. Pure genius.
-Ankush Wadhwa

In SHINE I gained a deep understanding of the different laws that govern life and the necessary steps to let my life shine. Thank you for these invaluable lessons.
- Yvette Tee

I love the knowledge that you have shared with me in SHINE. I am very grateful to have received it. It will definitely help me to live my chosen life. Thank you so much. Two thumbs up!!
- Diyanah Faranah Weil