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So what exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word for describing the Universal life force energy. We often refer to its as “Qi”. It is the unseen energy that is always around us and always has an influence on us. It is the same energy that makes the plants grow, the winds blow and the tides flow. In fact it is everywhere and in everything around you. Reiki is a simple technique for harnessing this energy and using it to bring healing to the mind, body and emotions. The comment that I hear most from students is, "I just wish I had learnt this earlier." Register for a Reiki course with SoulCentre, Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre, and begin your journey today!

Reiki Classes at SoulCentre Academy

At SoulCentre Academy we teach the authentic method of Reiki as taught by Dr. Usui. If you search the Internet, you will find so many 'brands' of Reiki. It is almost like going into a supermarket and standing in front of the many shelves all selling similar things. It is confusing and overwhelming at times, so let me simplify things for you. There is only one Reiki - and that is the Reiki re-discovered by Dr. Usui.

In the authentic system and under this lineage there are only three levels of Reiki:

-      Level 1 - Beginners
-      Level 2 - Intermediate
-      Level 3 - Reiki Master

How do I learn Reiki?

Anyone and everyone can learn Reiki. Students begin with Level 1 training, and then progress at their own pace. Our students have ranged from 6 years to 86 years of age, from all walks of life and all religions. SoulCentre Academy offers professional standards of instruction and we teach in some of the leading spas of the world. Sally, our founder, is a medical pharmacist with an MBA and so has applied her professional and medical training to ensure the student receives the highest training possible. Reiki is absolutely non-religious and supports everyone! It simply shows us how to live in happiness and health.

Click on the boxes down below to discover what we teach at each step of the journey.

Watch Sally explain more about Reiki:


About Sally, founder of SoulCentre

Many people ask me,  “How did you start your Reiki journey?”

I am a medical pharmacist by training with a business MBA and so have a science / management background. I was born in the UK into a large family where money was limited and so from an early age I learnt the qualities of working hard, being independent and going into the world to earn a living.

I worked for a company called Boots and was successful at growing my career rapidly with them. The external rewards of life at that stage were a key focus for me – job promotions, house, and car, gathering more and more. The universe then stepped in, and out of the blue, Boots decided to go international and I was asked to be part of the team opening Boots stores in Thailand.

Thailand was an amazing experience and it was here that I first experienced Reiki. The first time you experience Reiki, it's like a wonderful comforting warm sensation moving through your body, giving your a feeling of deep relaxation, joy and happiness.



"I can now heal myself which is AMAZING. It has transformed my life, allowing me to think more positively which has opened new doors for me.
I sleep better, worry less, and am more creative in drawing and painting.
Sally is excellent and the best!"

"Reiki was unforgettable, amazing and wonderful experience.
I am very grateful and I do not know how to thank you Sally for all the knowledge you have given me."



Reiki Level 1

After the first lesson you will experience the healing effects of Reiki! Reiki is easy to learn and very effective. All the physical aspects of healing are covered as well as the mind-body connections and how to heal emotional issues.

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Reiki Level 2

Use Reiki over distance, for chronic illness, for your home and office space. Target specific illnesses and resolve deep-rooted issues.

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Reiki Master

The best gift you can give to yourself! Discover your deepest self with Reiki and live a life of happiness and purpose. Become an inspiration to others.

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Accredited Reiki Teacher

Dedicated and passionate Reiki Masters who will join Sally and spread the wisdom of Reiki on a global scale. Our programs are world class, professional and effective.

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