Do what you love and love what you do. Becoming a Reiki Master is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Reiki Level 3 - Reiki Master

Reiki Master Training is a personal journey where you use Reiki to master yourself. It is for the dedicated student of Reiki.
You receive personal guidance in developing all aspects of your life.
This course at SoulCentre is truly life-changing, and many Reiki teachers from all over the world have benefited.
It is tailored around individual diaries and circumstances.
Reiki Masters stay connected to the wisdom through distant learning and support structures.

Reiki Master is a journey in self-discovery and self-mastery.
You are able to see your beliefs, patterns and habits that are creating your life.
You are able to make the changes that you feel are necessary in order to live a life of happiness and purpose.

For those wanting to teach Reiki, the course includes full instruction and practical experience on how to support students on the Reiki journey.
Simply put, Reiki Master is life changing and brings you to wholeness.