Healing begins from inside you, whatever it takes Reiki will provide.
- Sally

 Reiki Level 2 - The Emotional and Distant Healing Aspects of ReikiTM

Often we have emotional reactions to situations and we do not know why. This can be due to deep-rooted emotional feelings that have stayed with us for ages.

These emotions can include Anger, Jealousy, Mistrust, Resentment, feelings of not being good enough, Fear...the list continues. At Reiki Level 2, techniques are taught to support these issues and to bring you to happiness and harmony.

Reiki Level 2 covers the following topics: 

  1. A full refresher of Reiki Level 1
  2. The Reiki Symbols
  3. How to deal with emotional issues
  4. How to deal with chronic illnesses
  5. How to heal over distances
  6. How to cleanse the space of your home/office
  7. How to maintain happiness no matter what life throws at you

Weekend classes or 4 part day classes are taught.

Private classes are also available by appointment.