Your mind, body and spirit – all benefit from Reiki.
- Sally

Reiki Level 1 -The Physical Aspects of ReikiTM

Reiki Level 1 covers the following topics:

  1. The history of Reiki
  2. The principles of Reiki which help us live a happy life
  3. Physical hand position to help heal all illnesses
  4. Four energy balances to bring your own energy into balance and harmony
  5. How to use Reiki on animals
  6. How to use Reiki with children
  7. How to set up a professional Reiki practice

After the class you will feel confident and be competent in using Reiki on yourself, and in giving a full body Reiki Healing Session to friends, family and even clients. Weekend classes or 4 part day classes are taught. Private classes are also available by appointment

What benefits are there at Reiki Level 1?

Sally teaches, "All healing begins within."

The ancient masters have long ago said a happy mind is a healthy mind and this results in a healthy body.
The Reiki technique is able to give you a happy mind and thus lead you to optimum health and happiness.

Reiki can therefore be utilized to bring optimal health and healing on four key levels:

1) Physical: it alleviates pain, detoxifies the body, improves symptoms and accelerates the body's natural healing power within. After learning Reiki many people see more balance and harmony in their life style. Old habits, which may be detrimental to the body, seem to slip away.

2) Mental: Reiki affects our deepest thoughts as well as our conditioned ways of thinking. The mind becomes more open and more positive. It is easier to see the negative thoughts arising and to see the effects they have on mood and emotions. Reiki brings an inner calm and an awareness that peace, love and harmony are natural states of being.

3) Emotional: Reiki flows deep into the subconscious mind, and shows us our thought patterns. Negative emotions like anger/fear/worry/jealousy simply hold us back and are a waste of our natural energy. A deep understanding of unconditional love is developed, and the need to control starts to move away. You become more in the flow of life and amazing synchronicity start to happen after Reiki.

4) Spiritual: A new world starts to open up, one of love, joy, compassion and non-judgment! A feeling of connection arises and the ego starts to reduce. A realization develops that all life is one, and there is no need to feel separate, when in fact we are part of a much larger, exciting universe, which is unlimited in its potential and possibilities.