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SoulCentre Academy is delighted to welcome the following Reiki Masters to assist Sally and Vikas in the training of Reiki courses internationally.

Having completed all levels of Reiki at SoulCentre Academy, they have undergone a thorough examination and assessment process and passed with flying colours. They are truly professional Reiki Masters with standards of excellence.

At SoulCentre Academy we walk the talk… not simply talk the talk.

They are available for one on one consultations and healing support.

They are also licensed to teach SoulCentre Accredited Reiki Training to the professional syllabus and standards as governed by SoulCentre Pte Ltd.

We welcome them to the Global Team.

Our Reiki Teachers

Sally Forrest


Sally is a medical pharmacist and the founder of SoulCentre. She is committed to teaching Reiki in a professional manner. Thousands of students have benefitted from her teaching from beginner to teacher level.

+65 9875 2372


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Dato Dr Nor

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Nor is a practicing clinical specialist who teaches Reiki & Meditation. She believes that Reiki induces a state of living with awareness, balance & harmony as it gently heals allowing authenticity.

+60 17 677 8898

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Louise Willis


Louise was attracted to Reiki as its holistic methods bring about positive change & healing. Having benefited greatly herself, she is committed to helping others benefit from Reiki too. 
Louise is also a SoulCentre meditation teacher.

+65 9452 2082


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Yvonne Corpuz

Sydney, Australia

A certified coach & meditation teacher, Yvonne experienced the gentle healing energy of Reiki for the first time in 2005. She seeks to support others in their own journey towards a greater sense of well-being.

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Sherry Berg


A practicing landscape architect, Sherry was attracted to Reiki as she saw the benefits it had on friends and family.Sherry is dedicated, professional and enjoys supporting clients with Reiki


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Sian Tjoe Ong


Reiki has positively impacted Tjoe's life and she is committed to helping clients' experience the natural and non-invasive wonders of Reiki towards a more balanced physical-emotional-mental well being.

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