Life is what we make it to be.

Lead with Soul™ personal coaching sessions with Vikas or Sally are confidential, high value sessions where many breakthroughs happen!

"Vikas is this mind blowing story teller you have been waiting for all your life.
Guaranteed mastery of your own life!"
- Veronica (France)

These personal coaching sessions are ideal for:

  • • Identifying your life-purpose
  • • Discovering your smoothest path to fulfilment
  • • Maximising your inner potential & talents
  • • Exploding your life results
  • • Increasing happiness
  • • Optimizing relationships
  • • Stabilizing your restless mind
  • • Mastering your volatile emotions
  • • Manifesting inner & outer wealth
  • • Gaining higher spiritual wisdom

And so much more…

Vikas with John Travlota

You will experience the same wisdom and methodology that Vikas uses to coach Hollywood stars, royalty, sports champions, top CEO’s, professional speakers, educators, doctors, psychologists, holistic experts, life coaches, and countless others interested in maximising their personal and professional success.
Lead with Soul coaching sessions are high value, impactful and breakthrough engagements.
Every month, Vikas & Sally set a limited number of slots for private coaching. These sessions fill up fast, so contact us early for taking your life to the next level.
Sessions can be for individuals or for couples. Fees vary based on attendance.

Vikas also provides business and success coaching to start-ups and entrepreneurs, on a selective basis. He brings over 25 years of entrepreneurship, business & life experience to work for your success and wealth creation.
If you seek to massively grow your mind-set and business, please write to us about ‘Wisdom of Wealth’ coaching with Vikas. Details and quotes will be sent to you.