All happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, peace and stress begin with our mind. Training your mind is the best investment you can make.

- Vikas

Simple & effective techniques to manage stress, increase happiness and create superior performance. 

In 4 short sessions that are fun, easy to learn and highly effective, you gain everything you need to live a happy and stress-free life. You can start to see the benefits from day one!

"I highly recommend Vikas for his superior abilities to teach and guide you on how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life."
- John Myerscough, Vice President (Finance), Rolls-Royce Asia

You will learn simple but effective techniques that can be used in just 30 seconds, in the middle of your active day to bring you happiness and inner peace. You can use what you learn at work, at home, and even while you are in the midst of activity.

Benefits of this training

It's a fact that if we can't manage our mind and our life, we can manage little else. A person in charge of their own mind is a person in charge of their emotions and their actions. Such a person works with clarity, confidence, efficiency and heightened creativity in whatever role they take up.

The mind is an amazing tool that can make a problem out of nothing, or can find a solution to the most daunting obstacle. 

Vikas will share unique wisdom and techniques that are extremely effective to reduce stress, increase happiness and create superior performance in all aspects of life.

This interactive program will offer practical ways to train your mind and manage your emotions. You will learn simple and effective tools to decrease your stress level, increase your happiness and expand the creative abilities of your mind.

Your personal efficiency will increase along with the ability to come up with creative solutions to complex situations.

The benefits of this training also include a calm mind, heightened creativity & performance, stress-free living, stable emotions, control of anger and freedom from depression and anxiety just to name a few. 

All meditation taught by Vikas is completely non-religious.

How Meditation Made Simple™ for Corporates helps your Company

  • 1) Improves employee wellness and performance.
  • 2) Improves bottom line financial results due to heightened creativity & performance.
  • 3) Enhanced corporate and personal wellness in employees.
  • 4) Teaches effective tools to manage stress and improve inner and outer health.
  • 5) Shares unique, simple and practical techniques to handle crisis and negative events.
  • 6) Inceases individual performance and productivity levels.
  • 7) Creates more positive relationships with colleagues and peers at work.
  • 8) Reduces absenteeism and productivity loss in the long-term.

To benefit your company with this training program, or to find out more details, contact us below.


Real Life Experience

Meditation with Vikas helped me to recover successfully from a burn-out in 2009 and has become an important part of my life since then. I have found inner peace and stability and know that whatever happens in my life, I can respond to it in a positive and calm way. I now realise that the greatest gift that I have given to myself is meditation. I am deeply thankful.
-Goran Musulin
HR Director (Asia & Australia) Siemens Healthcare, Singapore