All happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, peace and stress begin with our mind. Training your mind is the best investment you can make.
- Vikas

What is Meditation and Mindfulness?

Meditation is an ancient, scientific practice that gives you wisdom and techniques to train your mind to be positive, peaceful and powerful.

Mindfulness is just one part of meditation and it involves the practice of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, without judgement.

Meditation has been practiced and has thrived for thousands of years, while mindfulness has become popular since the 1960’s.

Meditation & Mindfulness taught at SoulCentre is non-religious, and will benefit everyone who wants a happier, calmer, stress-free and healthier life.

"The journey of learning wisdom has been life changing and I truly enjoyed myself.
In addition, it has allowed me to meet many great and positive people. But most important of all, for me to find a great Wisdom Teacher, Coach and friend, Vikas Malkani!"
- Robin Liu (Singapore)

Vikas has created unique, trademarked programs of meditation which make this ancient wisdom simple and easy for you to learn, practice and benefit from. Our meditation programs are fun, short, simple and highly effective. People from all over the world have benefited, and so can you.

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation shows you the power of your own mind and gives you effective tools that empower you to create the life that you want.

Some of the benefits of meditation include a calm mind, stress-free living, regulated blood pressure, stable emotions, positive thinking, control of anger and freedom from anxiety. Meditation is beneficial for almost every health challenge. It even helps you to perform better, slow down ageing, manage change and increase energy levels.

Meditation also helps with intelligence, learning ability, concentration, relationships, self-esteem and personal development. Improved focus and concentration as a result of meditation creates a stronger immune system. This leads to complete relaxation of the nervous system and an improved flow of life energy in the body. Meditation also creates anti-ageing effects in the body and mind.

Numerous clinical studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits of meditation. Once learnt, meditation is something you can access easily at any time you choose.

Where to start?

Start with our beginners program Meditation Made Simple to see an immediate benefit in your life. We are sure you will enjoy and benefit from our unique meditation programs, which are easy to learn and simple to apply in your life.

If you choose to, you can progress all the way to attaining ‘Meditation Teacher’ level at your own pace.

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Your meditation teacher

Vikas Malkani is one of the leading teachers of meditation and mindfulness in the world today. He is also the teacher of many other meditation teachers that you will find in Asia and the world.

Vikas has taught meditation and mindfulness to leading companies, CEOs, royalty, top entrepreneurs, Hollywood actors, psychologists, educators, counselors, coaches, doctors, holistic practitioners, consultants and others interested in maximizing their life.

Vikas is also the best-selling author of 'The Little Manual of Meditation' and ‘The Little Manual of Happiness’.

Vikas Malkani

“All happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, peace and stress begin with our mind. Training your mind is the best investment you can make,” says Vikas.

"Vikas is the Steve Jobs of wisdom. He is truly the best teacher of wisdom I have encountered." - Ankush Wadhwa


Meditation Made Simple™

Our unique, life-changing 4 session meditation program created by Vikas Malkani. Learn simple, quick and powerful techniques to create happiness.

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Meditation in Action™ 

Step 2 in your meditation journey with Vikas Malkani. Our 4-session meditation training that deepens your understanding of the wisdom and practice of meditation.

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Masters of Meditation™

Step 3 in your meditation journey with Vikas Malkani. A training program of advanced wisdom and techniques of meditation that makes you a master of your mind and life.

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Certification in Meditation

Become a teacher of our unique meditation programs, transform yourself and inspire others, through our ‘Certified Meditation Teacher’ training program.

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