Meditation is the path to your highest happiness, peace & success.
- Vikas

How to meditate with simple meditation techniques?

Meditation Made Simple - A unique program of 4 simple and fun sessions that will teach you how to benefit from meditation in your daily active life.

Meditation Made Simple is a unique, life-changing program created by Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre, and will give you simple, quick and powerful techniques to create happiness, inner peace & a stress-free mind. You can start to see the benefits from day one!

"I decided to take up classes in SoulCentre for only one reason, I wanted to live my life better. The wisdom of Vikas, the techniques of meditation and the life changing wisdom stories etc really changed my life… 
Vikas, the Worlds’ #1 Wisdom coach, is so down to earth, a very caring and loving teacher. For those who want to learn about true wisdom or wish to change their life, pick up your courage like I did and come to SoulCentre!!"
- Trina Sye Teng (Singapore)

Vikas gives you the amazing wisdom of meditation that truly makes your life happier and better. You will also learn simple and effective techniques of meditation and mindfulness to manage stress, create inner peace, stabilise emotions and live an optimal life of happiness and joy.

Vikas Malkani

Vikas has created simple techniques that can be used in just 30 seconds, in the middle of your active day to bring you happiness and inner peace. You can apply what you learn at work, at home, and even while you are in the midst of activity, and you will see real benefits.

Vikas has an amazing gift of making the ancient wisdom of meditation and mindfulness extremely simple to understand and easy to practice. Students and teachers from all over the world have come to learn from him.

All meditation taught at SoulCentre and by Vikas is completely non-religious.

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Benefits of Meditation

All happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, stress and peace, arise from the mind. Meditation shows you the power of your own thoughts and also gives you techniques to train them to be more positive and peaceful. Your mind then becomes a friend, not an enemy.

The benefits of meditation practice include happiness, a calm mind, stress-free living, regulated blood pressure, stable emotions, control of anger and freedom from anxiety just to name a few. Improved focus and concentration as a result of meditation create a stronger immune system. This leads to complete relaxation of the nervous system and an improved flow of life energy in the body.

Facts about meditation

1) Meditation is the process of unlocking your highest potential in life
2) Meditation is totally non-religious
3) Meditation is scientifically proven & is practiced around the world
4) Meditation is highly effective in reducing stress
5) Meditation gives you access to your highest happiness, peace & success
6) Meditation has given birth to all genuine holistic healing methods
7) Meditation creates anti-ageing effects in the body and mind
8) Meditation leads to better physical health and harmony

Where to start? Join our life changing ‘Meditation Made Simple’ program and see the positive benefits for yourself!