"Meditation teaches you how to celebrate life."

How to meditate with simple meditation techniques?

Meditation in Action is step 2 in your meditation journey with Vikas Malkani at SoulCentre

Meditation in Action is a 4-session training program that will empower you to deploy the wisdom and techniques of meditation in your daily life. You will be able to manage the challenges life presents in a much more efficient manner.

Vikas will take you deeper into the unique and proprietary models of meditation he taught in ‘Meditation Made Simple‘. You will deepen your understanding about concepts such as the ‘3 Anchors of Meditation’, ‘The Laws of the Mind’ and the unique ‘Human Trinity Model’ that Vikas created over 15 years ago, and which have since then revolutionised the teaching of meditation worldwide.

"Vikas is a master storyteller sharing ancient wisdom in an entertaining and applicable way and recreating a sacred space for all of us in search of a higher truth in our fast paced world.
Thank you SoulCentre!"
- Laree Henning (USA)

You will also be introduced to concepts such as ‘The Triangle of Creation’ and ‘The Game of Life’, which will empower you to make meditation a part of your daily, active living.

Selected advanced techniques of meditation will also be taught, which will enhance the happiness and joy you feel in daily life. You will become stronger internally, and be able to handle the challenges that life may present in a more efficient manner.

Vikas will guide you to set a routine of daily practice and show you how to apply the lessons of meditation in your relationships, health, career, financial abundance and personal growth.

Scientific studies have shown that the benefits of meditation include greater happiness, a calm mind, enhanced focus, stress-release, regulated blood pressure, stable emotions, control of anger and freedom from depression and anxiety.

With the regular practice of meditation the mind becomes one pointed and calm, instead of constantly being restless. One gains more ability to direct the mind to a specific task.
Meditation creates a stronger immune system and is known to bring about anti-ageing effects.

Vikas & Mark Wahlberg

As a result of ‘Meditation in Action’, you will become happier, calmer, more focused, and take greater control of your life. You will manage stress better and be able to create the life you choose to.

These meditation classes are the best investment you can make in yourself.

‘Meditation teaches you how to celebrate life’, says Vikas