Learn how to listen to your own inner voice and to know yourself.

Give your child the tools to create a successful future. Empower them to create their own happiness and success.

A fun and inspiring program that teaches children the skills of meditation that will last a lifetime. Children learn how their mind and thoughts affect their experience of life and are taught simple techniques that they can use immediately.

Benefits that the children experience:

    • • Inner peace and the ability to deal with stress
    • • Improved attention, concentration and focus
    • • Improved self esteem
    • • The ability to see and manage emotions
    • • Enhanced relaxation
    • • Enhanced appreciation and gratitude
    • • The ability to create happiness and joy
    • • The ability to handle difficult situations
    • • The ability to be able to perform better at school and in sports

Meditation for Children Level 1

A 2-session program for children from the age of 6

Meditation for Children Level 2

The journey continues
For children who have completed level 1
A 2-session program for children from the age of 6

All meditation taught at SoulCentre is completely non-religious.
It is scientific and results based and we welcome children of all nationalities and from all religions.