Master your mind & life through meditation.
It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and others!
- Vikas

A training program of advanced wisdom and techniques of meditation that makes you a master of your mind and life.

Masters of Meditation is conducted over 10 sessions 2.5 hours each. During the sessions, you will be introduced to the highest wisdom of life and also learn secret practices of meditation that are very effective in bringing positive change.

Masters of Meditation shares wisdom and techniques that are reserved for the advanced student. The results are amazing and you can see tangible benefits coming into your life.

"Learning meditation at SoulCentre has been a life-changing experience for me.
Vikas is known as the #1 Wisdom Coach for a good reason.
I learnt the deepest wisdom of life but it was all fun. I became calmer, happier and more focused after learning from Vikas.
I am so happy I met Vikas and always grateful for the opportunity to study at SoulCentre. It changed my Life massively!"
- Kim Dinh (Vietnam)

Masters of Meditation will teach you the process of manifestation and allow you to consciously create your future life. Your sense of inner power, freedom, calmness & happiness will sky-rocket. The lessons you learn will empower you to be a master of the material, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of your life.

It’s a fact that over 250 scientific & clinical studies done in different parts of the world show that the benefits of meditation include a calm mind, stress-free living, regulated blood pressure, stable emotions, control of anger and freedom from depression and anxiety.

However at the highest level, meditation is about understanding the game of life, and playing it in a masterful manner.

The Masters of Meditation training also includes learning about how thoughts become beliefs which then silently rule your life, learning powerful techniques to develop a ‘happy mind’, identifying how emotional pain is created and finding solutions for inner suffering, rising above daily stress, and finding freedom from pains in the past.

Certain secret techniques of meditation which are only passed on from master to student will be taught and practiced.

You will also dive deep into the unique concepts created by Vikas to simplify and demystify the ancient process of meditation. Parables & stories with valuable life lessons will be studied and applied to daily life.

You will also understand how the Universal laws influence your life, and how to use them to your benefit. Additionally, Vikas will give you the full explanation of Karma – the iron law of the Universe. You will understand it like never before, and learn how to use it to your benefit. With this new understanding your life will never be the same again.

Vikas & Michael Douglas

Anyone who wishes to live a life of happiness, stability and security will benefit from this training.

Important Note: You need to have completed Meditation Made Simple™ and Meditation in Action™ to attend this training.

Master your mind & life through meditation.
It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and others!
- Vikas