Children can be the authors of their own life story.

Life Lessons for Teenagers

Give your teenagers stable foundations and an inspirational space in which to learn life skills. The program is taught in a fun, involved yet relaxed manner and teenagers really do love it.

Some of the subjects covered:

  • • How to be happy with yourself
  • • How to be authentic
  • • Rising Self Esteem
  • • Positive thinking
  • • Bringing out the best in themselves
  • • How vision, focus and action bring success
  • • Body image - how to be confident no matter what changes the body goes through
  • • Peer pressure and others expectations
  • • Emotional and physical health
  • • Internet usage and exposure on line
  • • How to handle relationships- both physical ones and on line social relationships
  • • Effective communication
  • • Dealing with others who are not like you
  • • How to spot depression / eating disorders / addiction
  • • How to have the courage to ask for help and support
  • • How to handle stress and anxiety

Click below to more details for the 18/25 September program! For children 11 years and older.


Colour and Crystal Workshop for Children

For children from the age of 7 onwards.

Children love to learn, and this program provides them with exciting insights into the world of colour and crystals. Taught in a fun, experiential manner, because children learn best when having fun.

What will children experience and learn?

  • • The workshop is fun and interactive
  • • The meaning of colours will be explained
  • • The qualities of key crystals will be taught
  • • They will learn the connection between the mind and body for illness
  • • They will learn how to use crystals to balance their body
  • • They will learn how to use crystals to balance key emotions
  • • They will learn how to care for crystals
  • • They will learn how to bring calmness and balance to their emotions with crystals

The children leave inspired, empowered and excited to use crystals in their daily life.