A happy employee is a productive and effective employee.
- Vikas

If happiness at work is eluding you, this training program will change your life.

In this training program, Vikas will share practical and powerful secrets to create your own happiness at work. Using these secrets and tools you will be able to stabilize your emotions regardless of external circumstances, you will become resilient, and cultivate a positive mindset that faces challenges head on.

If you are not happy at your job, the trouble may lie in a wrong mindset and perspective that is silent and invisible, but which negatively impacts everything you experience.

Vikas will show you the mind-set of happiness and change the way you look at your work and your life. You will learn how to stay focused and effective no matter what happens in the external world or environment around you. You will be empowered to perform at your best in all situations.

"We found training with Vikas to be truly inspirational and very effective. The team left feeling energised, so much so that we were still buzzing with excitement for weeks after the workshop.
I would highly recommend everyone to invite Vikas to inspire your workforce.
It will be the best thing you can do for them." 
- Dato Professor Dr. Nor Khairullah, CEO, Malaysian Liver Foundation


Your results will improve when your actions and behaviors improve, and this training program shows you clearly that happiness at work and in life is always an inside job!

When you are happy and fulfilled at work, you will naturally perform better. Powerful secrets from Vikas's best-selling book, The Little Manual of Happiness, are taught during this training workshop.

One becomes clear headed and focused no matter what situation one is in. One develops the ability to function productively under fire! Work efficiency increases and so does the ability to come up with creative solutions to complex situations.

This training is inspirational and empowering at the same time.

Who will benefit?

The training will benefit anyone seeking to raise their own happiness levels, individuals who desire more fulfillment at work, anyone seeking powerful and practical strategies to become stress-free and anyone seeking to enhance their work performance.

Who should attend?

  • 1) CEOs, Managing Directors and those in senior management positions.
  • 2) Teams who need to work together to meet enhanced goals.
  • 3) Those in positions of influence, as knowledge always flows from the leader to the team.
  • 4) Valuable for anyone who desires more control over their own happiness.
  • 5) Individuals and teams seeking powerful and practical strategies to become stress-fee and happy.
  • 6) Anyone seeking to increase work performance.

No one attending the training leaves the same as they came in. Transformation is guaranteed!

Benefit your company

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