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  1. Zoom calls online<br/>Passion and Purpose with Sally

    Zoom calls online
    Passion and Purpose with Sally

    Are you Stuck, Struggling, Stressed Out, Anxious, Needing Clarity, Low in Confidence, or just Confused about Life?
    Have you given your all to your career or family and sort of lost yourself along the way?
    If so, you are in the right place and in good hands.
    It's time to find your passion and purpose and add value to life.

    For 2 months Sally will guide you as part of a small intimate group.
    With regular mails and Coaching Calls.
    (6 Coaching Calls with Zoom as a group.)

    Sally will guide you towards your Passion and Purpose using your Elemental analysis as a starting point.
    Discover if you are Fire - Earth - Metal - Water or Wood.
    Discover what these elements mean to you.
    Discover what role suits you best.
    Discover if you should do your own business or be self-employed.
    Discover what relationships suit you best.
    Simply find what makes your heart sing and get JOY back into life.
    And so much more!

    (Normal Price 997 SGD)

    LIMITED to 15 ladies only.
    DO not miss this amazing opportunity.

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  2. Online Program<br/>The ‘WOW’ Life Transformation Program

    Online Program
    The ‘WOW’ Life Transformation Program

    The ‘WOW’ Life Transformation Program – Online With Vikas Malkani

    For those who wish regain their CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and HAPPINESS.

    About 6 months ago, an invisible enemy started to silently invade every country and every mind.

    No one had experienced anything like this before. People and businesses were unable to work normally.

    Sales nosedived and income dried up, destroying relationships, deflating self-confidence….

    Decades were undone in days!

    No one had expected 2020 to unfold like this.

    To be happy and successful in the world that’s coming, you will need a STRATEGY that creates SUCCESS while managing your STRESS.

    And you will need to find the right COACHES to support you to create the life and results you desire.

    But it all starts with you, and the decisions you make.

    A new Future needs a new YOU!

    Even when the lockdown is over, we aren't going back to the way things were.

    The old NORMAL is dead forever!

    You will need a NEW WAY TO LIVE to thrive in a NEW WORLD THAT’S COMING

    You will need to


    A confused mind is a mind that procrastinates and doesn’t create.

    Find your clarity, or you will not be able to stand back up on your feet.

    Clarity is Powerful. And it will help you to reclaim your life and happiness.

    Without clarity, forget about success, happiness or good relationships.


    An unshakable confidence creates action.

    I’m sorry, but the old methods of thinking and living are history.

    You need to adapt your mindset to the new habits, behaviours and patterns of this world.

    • -There’s going to be a lot more competition in every field of work and business.
    • -Because more people will be working from home, relationships will be severely tested.
    • -Unless you are providing a valuable or essential service to others, you will face massive challenges in your income levels.

    All these will require you to alter the ways you live your life and do business.

    3)    GET COMMITTED.

    Get Committed to the life and future you desire

    Commitment produces results. Plain and simple.

    When I coach you, you can expect practical, and easy to apply strategies that work.

    I will take you through my unique 6 step process that I coach my top clients with.

    There will be NO vague, motivational mumbo-jumbo, you will get real actionable value.

    Content and tools that you can implement immediately.

    If you follow my process, your life, relationships and business will benefit and grow.

    I have proved that over 20 years of coaching leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, royalty and influencers around the world.

    But this is not for everyone! This is for you if –

    • -Your life and mind have been disrupted by the sudden changes that shook the world.
    • -You wish to know how to adapt to the "new world" and THRIVE in the new world that’s coming
    • -You realise that a NEW world will need a NEW you.
    • -You wish to get back on your feet, regain your glory and make the rest of 2020 amazing.
    • -You are someone who desires to have a better life and can take action fast.
    • -You are determined to start taking control of your life again. 


    Here’s a little taste of what I will share with you

    Timeless but very timely wisdom secrets and leadership psychology that is effective to handle tough times like these.

    Mind and Life Leadership strategies that produce maximum results with minimum efforts.

    You will be walking away with the clarity, confidence and courage to claim the new world.

    Gaining this wisdom is like gaining an unfair advantage over others.

    While others continue to live waiting, hoping and procrastinating…

    You will emerge into the new world effortlessly because you are well-equipped with all the tools and mental frameworks to prosper, in your inner and outer life.

    I will show you how to stay calm in the storm and prosper in the problems.

    Why not learn from someone….

    -       who has trained leading CEOs, Award winning entrepreneurs and millionaires to grow their life and business…

    -       who has trained celebrities and royalty and is a multiple best-selling author and a TEDx speaker…

    -       who has a proven history of 20+ years, and who does this work because it’s his life mission to empower and elevate the lives of people…

    -       who has a back story that’s worthy of a Hollywood movie?

    Remember, one decision and one action are all you need to create a new destiny.

    One powerful secret of Wisdom can really turn things around.

    Here’s what you will receive in my ‘WOW’ Life Transformation Program

    1)    6 Coaching Sessions over 60 days with Vikas (on zoom group calls)

    (my private clients pay Sgd 8400 for 6 sessions)

    2)    My Unique 6 Step Process that I coach my top clients with.

    (my private clients pay Sgd 15,000 for learning this process)

    3)    Access to a Private Facebook Group where more content will be shared.

    (value of SGD 997)

    Total Program Value = SGD 24,397

    This training starts on the 10th of June.

    I’m going to keep the group small as I want to give you REAL VALUE so you see REAL GROWTH and produce REAL RESULTS in your life.

    Don’t wait to sign up, you may be disappointed.

    Sign up before 05th June, and you receive SPECIAL BONUSES too.

    BONUS 1 – Meditation for Beginners online program –

    Value of SGD 137 (USD 97)

    BONUS 2 – 1 Year Weekly Wisdom Coaching with Vikas online program –

    Value of SGD 97 (USD 67)

    BONUS 3 – 25 Videos Coaching Series of ‘Stay Calm in the Storm’ –

    Value of SGD 1997

    Total Value provided = SGD 26,627

    Yours for only SGD 997

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  3. Online Program<br/>The Supreme Teachings

    Online Program
    The Supreme Teachings

    The Supreme Teachings
    Discover & Define the 3 Journeys of your Soul

    The teaching will be available as an online program of 12 sessions, taught by Vikas Malkani.
    Launches in June 2020

    A deep and very impactful wisdom teaching for those who want to see the big picture and live a life of purpose, authenticity, and fearlessness.

    This teaching will be highly beneficial for any student of wisdom, or anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth.

    The soul takes 3 different journeys - From Source to Birth, from Birth to Death and from Death to Source.

    Vikas reveals wisdom never before available and gives you practical tools and techniques that will bring tangible benefits to your life.

    This higher wisdom training is not for everyone.

    If you are happy to live in a conditioned manner, if you have accepted a life of stress, struggle and mediocrity, and if you believe that ignorance of truth is bliss…
    this enlightening teaching is not for you.

    This training is for you…

    If you want to understand what happens to the soul before birth and after death
    If you want to live without fear
    If you want to truly embrace Life and its beauty, joy and love
    If you want to make the best use of your time on earth
    If you want to live in freedom and joy
    If you want to give your best to those you care for
    If you want to know the whole picture of truth….

    You will gain total clarity, and Vikas will answer all questions that arise.
    If you finally want to see the journey your soul is on, this is the wisdom for you.

    Vikas will share 7 Principles to live an Enlightened Life.

    If you want to truly connect and embrace the wisdom of the enlightened masters, this is the opportunity.

    In The Supreme Teachings you will discover the mindset and thought patterns of the enlightened masters.
    Understand the role that you are here to play. Recognise the purpose of your own life time here.

    Learn secrets from ancient scriptures such as the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, The Dhammapada, and more.

    Supreme Teachings (12 online sessions) = SGD 1397 (USD 997)

    Early Bird Offer - Valid till 15th June
    Supreme Teachings (12 online sessions) = SGD 975 (USD 697)

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  4. 20/21 June<br/>Meditation Made Simple

    20/21 June
    Meditation Made Simple

    Saturday/Sunday 9:30am - 1:30pm

    In 2 sessions that are fun, easy to learn and highly effective, you gain everything you need to live a happy and joyful life. You can start to see the benefits from day one!

    In these sessions, Vikas gives you the amazing wisdom of meditation that can truly transform your life. You will also learn effective techniques of meditation to live an optimal life of happiness, joy and peace.

    You will learn how your mind works, and clearly see the fact that everything that you create arises from how you think. You will also learn simple but effective techniques that can be used in just 30 seconds, in the middle of your active day to bring you happiness and inner peace.

    Fee includes 2 sessions of training plus 2 best-selling books by Vikas to support your learning.

    Register by 6 June to receive the early bird price and save $50!

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  5. 27/28 June<br/>Meditation In Action

    27/28 June
    Meditation In Action

    Saturday & Sunday 9:30am - 1:30pm

    Step 2 after Meditation Made Simple

    A 2-session meditation class that makes meditation techniques an integral part of your daily life.
    Make meditation practice and wisdom a part of your daily active life. Set a routine of practice and learn how to apply the lessons to handle the challenges life sends your way.

    As a result of this meditation classes you will become happier, calmer and take greater control of your life. You will also be able to create what you choose to.

    With the regular practice of meditation the mind becomes one pointed and still, instead of constantly being restless. One gains more control over their ability to direct the mind to a specific task.

    Register by 31 May to receive the early bird price and save $50!

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  6. 10/11/12 July<br>SoulCentre UK Masterclass 2020 <br/>

    10/11/12 July
    SoulCentre UK Masterclass 2020

    Friday/Saturday/Sunday 10am to 5pm
    Location: Grasmere, Lake District, UK
    Daffodil Hotel & Spa, By The Lake, Keswick Road, Grasmere, Ambleside LA22 9PR

    A Life Mastery Masterclass with Vikas

    The 2020 Masterclass with Vikas & Sally will provide a complete blueprint to create a life of Happiness, Success, Significance and Legacy.
    Vikas will share wisdom secrets to grow your life and business, wisdom that is both practical and effective.

    This is a unique opportunity to spend 3 days being coached by ‘The World’s #1 Wisdom & Wealth Coach’ in the beauty and splendour of the beautiful lake district of the UK, one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

    You will receive wisdom-based systems, structure and strategy that is proven to improve your personal and professional lives.
    Vikas will also share key lessons on how to handle challenges and keep yourself positive and powerful in spite of obstacles in your personal and professional life, and how to get the Universe to speed up the life you want to manifest.
    From the ‘Secrets to Optimize your Mind’ to the ‘Wisdom for Happiness and Success’ to ‘The Karma Advantage’, and much more, you will receive coaching like you have never experienced before.

    Vikas has coached Business Tycoons, CEO’s, Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities and Royalty to get maximum results with minimum effort.
    This is your opportunity to be coached by the man clients are calling the ‘Steve Jobs of Wisdom’.

    More details of content and structure of the event will be sent closer to the date.


    Full fee: SGD $ 2497

    Couples: (valid for Life or Business partners only)
    (Simply fill out your partner's details in the '2nd attendee' section of the registration form and the special couples price will appear upon check out.)

    Couples Full fee: SGD $ 3650

    *Fee does not include your travel or boarding costs. Includes 1 group dinner with Vikas & Sally on Saturday & 1 group tour with Vikas & Sally

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  7. 15 / 16 August<br/> Reiki Healing Level 1

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