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  1. Online Program<br/>The Supreme Teachings

    Online Program
    The Supreme Teachings

    Discover & Define the 3 Journeys of your Soul

    The teaching will be available as an online program of 12 sessions, taught by Vikas Malkani.
    Launches in July 2020

    A deep and very impactful wisdom teaching for those who want to see the big picture and live a life of purpose, authenticity, and fearlessness.

    This teaching will be highly beneficial for any student of wisdom, or anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth.

    The soul takes 3 different journeys - From Source to Birth, from Birth to Death and from Death to Source.

    Vikas reveals wisdom never before available and gives you practical tools and techniques that will bring tangible benefits to your life.

    This higher wisdom training is not for everyone.

    If you are happy to live in a conditioned manner, if you have accepted a life of stress, struggle and mediocrity, and if you believe that ignorance of truth is bliss…
    this enlightening teaching is not for you.

    This training is for you…

    If you want to understand what happens to the soul before birth and after death
    If you want to live without fear
    If you want to truly embrace Life and its beauty, joy and love
    If you want to make the best use of your time on earth
    If you want to live in freedom and joy
    If you want to give your best to those you care for
    If you want to know the whole picture of truth….

    You will gain total clarity, and Vikas will answer all questions that arise.
    If you finally want to see the journey your soul is on, this is the wisdom for you.

    Vikas will share 7 Principles to live an Enlightened Life.

    If you want to truly connect and embrace the wisdom of the enlightened masters, this is the opportunity.

    In The Supreme Teachings you will discover the mindset and thought patterns of the enlightened masters.
    Understand the role that you are here to play. Recognise the purpose of your own life time here.

    Learn secrets from ancient scriptures such as the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, The Dhammapada, and more.

    Supreme Teachings (12 online sessions) = SGD 1397 (USD 997)

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    Supreme Teachings (12 online sessions) = SGD 1100 (USD 797)

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  2. Online Program<br/>KARMA MASTERCLASS

    Online Program

    Karma Masterclass™

    The Blueprint of Life to create Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

    If want to remove the struggle from your life…

    If you want to produce better results in your life, relationships and work…

    If you want to create maximum results with minimum effort…

    The Karma Masterclass is the course for you.

    Karma is the blueprint of life that is responsible for all the positive and negative results in your life.

    It is one of the most misunderstood concepts of personal and spiritual growth.

    This life transforming course removes the myths and teaches Karma in an easy to understand manner with techniques you can use anywhere and at any time.

    After this training, you will never need to read another book or do another training on karma every again.

    Gaining this wisdom is like having an unfair advantage over others.

    You start to enhance the results you are producing in your life, spiritual growth, personal evolution, relationships and even at work and business.

    Vikas shares his unique formulas and tools so that you can immediately begin to benefit from this training.

    USD $497

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  3. Online Program<br/>MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS

    Online Program

    5 Simple techniques that work. Get rid of Stress, Anxiety and Frustration today.

    Many people think Meditation is difficult and that you have to sit cross legged and have no thoughts at all to be successful at it. This is not the truth.

    This course dispels the myths and teaches meditation in an easy to understand manner with techniques you can use anywhere and at any time.

    You will learn 5 simple techniques that bring tangible benefits quickly.

    No prior experience is needed and the techniques can be done at any time, place and by anyone.

    The techniques are tried and tested with thousands of happy students globally.

    They are simple, memorable, easy to use and effective.

    If you experience stress, tension, anxiety, negative thoughts or depression then it will provide immense benefit. Also helpful for busy people who simply want more peace in their life.

    This training with Vikas provides 5 simple techniques to bring your mind and thoughts under your control as you go thought your busy day.

    USD $97 only

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