Become a teacher of meditation, transform yourself and inspire others.

Meditation – Teacher Training Program

If you want to become a teacher of meditation, transform yourself and inspire others, this is the program for you!

What is the SoulCentre Meditation Teacher Training Program?

Vikas Malkani spent many years of his life learning from enlightened Masters around the world. These teachers were the holders of the most ancient truths and wisdom on our planet. Wisdom that shows us the power to create our own reality, brings us to freedom, and attracts happiness, success, empowerment and fulfilment into our life.

Vikas committed his early life to finding the truth and making it real. He applied everything to himself and eventually experienced his own awakening at the age of 29. Since then, he has dedicated his life to making the ancient wisdom simple and practical for modern day use, and has been sharing it with people everywhere. 

What is different about this ‘Teacher Training’ program?

Through the unique programs and concepts he created, Vikas has simplified the ancient teachings of enlightened wisdom and made them practical for today’s society.

"After learning from the best wisdom teacher on this planet, Vikas Malkani, I am now a certified Soul Centre Meditation Teacher. 
This learning and growing journey with the wonderful wisdom family at SoulCentre is nothing short of amazing. 
Thank you Mr. V! Your love, encouragement, trust, support and belief in me have made this dream of mine come true."
- Grace Lim (Singapore)

Created by Vikas over 15 years ago, the unique programs and concepts of meditation taught at SoulCentre have revolutionised the teaching of meditation worldwide.

These include our trademarked meditation programs called ‘Meditation Made Simple’, ‘Meditation in Action’, ‘Masters of Meditation’, and concepts/models such as ‘3 Anchors of Meditation’, the ‘Laws of the Mind’, the ‘Human Trinity Model’, the ‘Triangle of Creation’ and the ‘Game of Life’, and many more which empower students to make meditation a part of daily, active living.

Our meditation programs are non-religious

All the meditation programs created by Vikas are totally non-religious and can be practiced by anyone around the world, regardless of their personal beliefs. These programs are also extremely effective, and bring tangible benefits.

Why you should join?

Do you wish to learn and spread this ancient knowledge to others around the world?
Passionate, committed, dedicated students have the opportunity to be trained under Vikas to become teachers of our unique meditation programs and concepts, by joining our 'Certified Meditation Teacher Training Program'. 

Going to Soul Centre and learning meditation from Vikas is the best decision I have made. Its life changing.
He is an amazing teacher and I will always continue learning and growing in this family of Soul Centre.
- Trish Lim Yong (Singapore) 

You will be trained personally by Vikas in the complete path of meditation and will go on to help and transform others with it. You will go through all levels of our meditation programs and also be taught on how to be a good teacher. Vikas will personally mentor you and share his secrets of excellence with you. Step by step you will be guided to the highest wisdom of meditation.

Upon successful completion of your training, you will be licensed to teach the unique SoulCentre meditation programs under our guidelines to people around try world.  

SoulCentre also offers website support and visibility and all our licensed teachers are featured on our website.

Real life experiences
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Benefits of Meditation
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