Life is happening through you, not to you!

Discover how the Universe wants you to live! You have begun to SHINE.

You have continued to EVOLVE. Now it’s time to BLOOM to your full potential!

Most of our lives are spent, in one form or another, in the pursuit of happiness. And we find it too, in temporary forms - a new experience, relationship, purchase. Yet a lasting sense of fulfilment continues to elude us. We wait for the perfect moment to be happy, but postpone happiness now. Life is being lived out today and we continue to wait to display our highest potential!

"Vikas, you are such an amazing speaker. Very inspirational!"
- Siobhan Grimmond-Brown (Canada)

BLOOM is the third step in the BEST Technique coaching methodology. This training is necessary for anyone wishing to master their own life in all aspects.

In this training of higher wisdom and techniques, you will join Vikas in the most complete course in personal development you are likely to encounter, embracing the deepest facets of personal growth.

Has your life has sometimes felt like a puzzle with pieces missing? Is self-worth a missing piece for you? How about self-discipline - or trusting your intuition in making important decisions? Or facing your fears? You will learn how to overcome these obstructions to experience genuine happiness and success.

BLOOM provides the opportunity to inspect your life in reference to the wisdom of the enlightened masters, and in the process, discover a complete path to your inner potential.

BLOOM shows you how to bring out your highest potential and make it visible for all to see. You will appreciate how much you have grown, how your perspectives have expanded, your wisdom deepened - and how you can finally live life like the universe wants you to.

Vikas will personally guide you to the foundation of a happy, abundant and truly satisfying life filled with meaning, purpose and connection. Vikas uses the wisdom of self-mastery taught to him by the elusive Himalayan Masters to support you on the way to bringing your inner potential to full bloom.

Your destiny awaits. Embrace it!