Happiness Begins With Me

Every morning is special, because the past is gone, and the future is yet to happen. Only today exists. If you choose to, you can make today an opportunity to be happy, consciously, no matter what!


Feng Shui For Inner Harmony

Feng Shui For Inner Harmony

In Chinese metaphysics there are 3 aspects we consider:

Heaven – the energies you were born with. Your date of birth is converted into elements. (BaZi)

Earth - The space you live in – the energy of the home and office (Feng Shui)

Man – The actions you take and the consequences of those actions.


How to stay stable

How To Stay Stable In Uncertain Times

Life can change in any moment. We are always faced with and surrounded by the unexpected event, the unwanted result, and the unplanned emergency. If your ship is caught in the storm, you must have a clear and present strategy to overcome the challenges it brings.


My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey

Every one of us is born with a purpose and when we look back and connect the dots it’s easy to see that at any moment we are being guided forwards, however we do not always have the eyes to see.


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