Life Success Method

What you do in this moment determines the rest of your life. The moment you decide to take control of your life is the moment you change your destiny.

What does Life Success mean to you?


Simplify Life

We attend school and learn many subjects such as English, Mathematics, Languages etc. Subjects that can move us forward in certain aspects of our life.
However, whoever teaches us about life, business and purpose?


Success In Life

Success means different things to different people.
The question is “What does life success mean to you?”


Meditation for Families

Learning to meditate together, or simply following and living by some of the wisdom and teachings of meditation, drastically improves your quality of life individually and together as a family.


Meditation: My Secret Weapon

As I underwent my meditation classes with Vikas, I started realizing how powerful and useful this ancient teaching was. I started releasing my fears and no longer lived a life overshadowed by anxiety.


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