Sally Forrest

19th April 2017

If you want to get a feeling of the “unreal” world, then dedicate a week of your time to social media.

The speed at which information spreads and gets copied is beyond belief.

What is true, what is untrue does not seem to matter anymore.

In fact, there are “teachers” now who are guiding people to simply copy and paste others work and adapt it to be “your own”.

It really makes you think about today’s society, its values and authenticity.

Yes, it’s flattering to think that the best ideas will be copied, however it starts to make one consider the drive and the Ego behind the copiers.

Authenticity and originality are being traded for short tern gain and instant gratification.

Are we now living in a world where speed of action replaces originality and growth?

How can one be fulfilled and deeply satisfied if you simply put your name on someone else’s original ideas?

What Karmic seeds are being planted?

Where are the next generation of meaningful and life changing quotes and ideas going to come from?

What example are we setting for our children to follow?

Recently I saw Hellen Keller’s work being used across many platforms under many people’s names.

Hellen Keller a famous blind-deaf lady born in the late 1800’s was a true inspiration.

Wisdom came from the depth of her Soul and she started writing at the age of 11.

Her quotes are meaningful and powerful and can only be truly appreciated by a person who has experienced the truth of the words.

The sharing of wisdom is beautiful when it is felt deeply from the heart.

Wisdom is a way of life, not a “cut and paste” Facebook page.

Wisdom brings a strong foundation and one that does not shake.

Wisdom comes from within and is found when you are in true alignment with your Soul purpose in life.

So, enjoy the “cut and paste” world for what it is, do not get carried away, and you will soon realize that true wisdom and true authenticity come from the ones who do not shake, the ones who leave a legacy and the ones who live the wisdom.

Protect your mind space, chose authenticity above all else.

19th April

Shared from www.verybestquotes.com , who give full credit to Helen Keller.

Where Is The Authenticity In The “Cut And Paste “Society That We Live In?

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