The Reiki Secrets

By Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA
Managing Director,
28th June 2018

Reiki is a way of life.
Once you learn Reiki then you find that life changes on so many levels.
As a medical pharmacist I love to teach the deeper aspects of Reiki and how they link back to the physical, emotional and mental aspects of health and healing.


Reiki is able to bring the body into a state of complete harmony. Many of us push our bodies beyond their limits. We eat too much processed food, we push ourselves to do more and more and often do not get enough sleep. We stay connected to our gadgets most of the day and increase our stress levels by allowing too much stimulus to enter our thoughts….
We rarely take time out and just relax. Using Reiki on yourself each day allows the body to reconnect to a state of balance and wholeness.
It is easy and simple to do Reiki, simply put your hands on your body and the healing energy will flow.
Make Reiki a habit. On waking simply connect your hands to your body and give yourself a Reiki healing for 5 minutes before you jump out of bed and start your day.

reiki secrets


All emotions arise as a result of a thought we have. We make a judgement as to whether it is good or bad based on our thinking. This leads to an emotion such as happiness if we judge something as “good”, or stress if we judge as “bad”. Reiki allows you to understand more about the emotions that arise and to take ownership for them.
All emotions are held in the body and give rise to symptoms which we can feel and see.
For example, a headache may mean we put too much pressure on ourselves.
A stomach ache means we worry too much.
Aching legs may mean we are not keen on “moving forward’ on something that life is offering.
Once you learn Reiki you understand the mind-body connections and start to see for yourself the connections between your thinking and your body responses.

By applying Reiki on a daily basis, emotions start to stabilize and as a result your health improves.


Have you ever met someone and asked them how they are, only to hear a story about what happened 10 years ago? This is a mental holding-on to issues of the past.
Usually it’s a negative occurrence and for whatever reason it is being kept “alive” in the mind of the owner.
This is similar to holding on to a hot piece of coal and complaining that it is burning the hand, yet not letting go.
It seems crazy, yet many of us do this.
We re-play our issues over and over and thus we keep them alive.
Reiki allows a mental relaxation and the ability to see things in a new light.
The more you use Reiki on yourself, the more you start to realize that happiness and contentment are firmly in your hands.
The mind starts to relax and let go of past traumas and life becomes joyful once again.

At SoulCentre we teach Reiki from absolute beginner all the way to Master level.

Thousands of people have benefitted from the Reiki training and all report immediate benefits to their health and happiness. It’s almost like having a complete reset of the mind and body!
It’s now your time and your turn!
The world is your oyster once you learn Reiki, so make a beautiful Pearl.

A select number of students go on to become Reiki teachers with us at SoulCentre and may become professional therapists.

Sally’s next Self-Healing Workshop is on 4/5 August.
To book a place simply connect with us on;

Sally is a medical pharmacist and for the past 18 years has been studying eastern methods of natural healing. She is able to combine the east and the west and enlightens her clients on the path to happiness, health and wholeness.





The Reiki Secrets

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