Vikas Malkani
The Wisdom Coach, Founder of SoulCentre,

28th March 2018

Why do some people become successful while others don’t?
What is it that separates the successful from those who are not?
What is the quality that all successful people have in common?

Everybody wants success. Everyone also wants happiness and a sense of being significant.

All human beings, irrespective of who they are or where they come from, essentially look for two things in their lives – happiness and success. But not all have it and many spend years chasing it. So what is it that successful people have that others don’t?

secret sauce of success


The successful have one quality in common. And that quality is Passion. A deep passion for what they do. Take a look at any field – business, sports, arts, service or any other. The most successful people in any particular field are the ones that are completely passionate about what they do. They love what they do and that drives them to success.

Passion is the secret sauce of success. Passion brings energy and joy into your actions. Passion is the fuel that keeps everything else moving. Passion is what drives the actions to get the results. The more the passion, the more results you produce.


We are all born with passion inside of us. All of us have it but not all of us are able to find it and maximize it. Often we don’t find it because we are not looking in the right place. To truly find your passion, you must get to the root of who you are. We are what we think. And we think either based on our love or our fear. Those are the two elements of our life. All our thoughts come from either love or fear. When you look at the things you love, you find your passion. And that passion leads you to success.

Whenever you are passionate about something you have high energy. You want to do more of it and it is a joy. However, you must understand the difference between passion and a passing desire. A passing desire is something that changes every day, while a passion is something that’s very deep, driving and very stable.

Passion makes discipline, determination and dedication easy. Passion helps us to overcome the challenges and not be defeated by the defeats. All of this further helps us to create the success we desire and deserve.

"Find your passion and use it to create your success."

When you really find your passion, it’s not going to change each day. It is consistent and stable. Any action fueled by passion puts you on fire and you want to do it regardless of the consequences, regardless of the results. When you find your passion, you’re doing it for the passion. You’re doing it for yourself. We are born to find our passion and share it with the world. If the world appreciates it, they give you the results you want. But if they don’t, you are still happy doing it. Eventually you find your tribe.


To find your passion, every day you must take some time out for yourself. Make sure you have some TOFU every day. TOFU is Time Out For U.

Find time to have a few minutes for yourself and to go within. Look inside yourself to find your passion, not outside. Look within yourself to find authenticity and integrity. Take time out, be silent, and look within. Attend ‘Meditation Made Simple’ at SoulCentre and learn to meditate so you can silence the noisy mind we all have. It is in silence that you find inspiration and your passion. And it is this passion that will drive you to success.


If you want to see passion in action, check out my award-wining talk from Mega Success USA, an annual convention where the top entrepreneurs and business people from around the world converge to build relationships, learn, network and grow.

I presented to over 2500 delegates from 71 countries, and at the end of the convention, I won a TOP SPEAKER award.

It’s a great testimony that passion creates success and you can watch it here

Truly, passion is the secret sauce that empowers a life full of Happiness, Success and Significance!


At SoulCentre, we can help you reconnect with yourself and find the passion that’s inside you. Our Meditation Made Simple programs or our Wisdom Coaching programs are the ideal place to start, because they are specially designed to help you look within and find your passion.

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Passion Is The Secret Sauce Of Success

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