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By Sally Forrest
Managing Director of SoulCentre,

14th March 2018    

Sally took the opportunity recently to interview Robin Liu about his meditation journey with Vikas Malkani at SoulCentre.

She asked Robin 3 questions and his answers are very enlightening.

1) Why did you want to learn meditation?

3 years ago I was troubled by something in my life. A little voice in my mind posed a very simple question that moved me to act. That voice asked, “How’s your life today?"
I was perplexed! I started doing a soul search and realised that whilst I was doing well in my job and almost all areas in my life, something seemed to be missing. I was stressed, worried and experienced anxiety. This felt just not right and I was neither happy nor feeling fulfilled at all. That is when I embarked on a spiritual journey.

I used to meditate when I was a teenager, but somehow the everyday life had taken over and I stopped meditating. Remembering that peace and serenity that I have when I meditate, I decided to go back to the practice.

It was also around that time that I decided to visit Bhutan. That trip changed my life for good: I understood what it means to feel contented and live in balance and harmony with yourself. On one of the trips a simple quotation on the rear windscreen of a mini bus struck me at the core: “If you want to know your past, look at who you are today. If you want to know the future, look at your mind today.” It was strange, just like that little voice that asked about my life today! I knew I had to do something at that moment and discipline my mind. I knew meditation was the way to go but I also knew that what I was doing was not enough and I should learn more about meditation from a teacher to truly benefit from it. That is how I landed at SoulCentre and I immediately clicked with what Vikas taught during the preview session.

2) How has it benefited you?

Meditation has effectively calmed me down and “re-conditioned” my mind to be more focused. It is also through meditation that I have learnt to be more open minded. I choose my response to any situation instead of just reacting to it.
I have not only gained more confidence, but I also live a happier life. I have overcome my stress, worries and fears.
Through meditation, I learnt more about myself than any personality and psychometric tests I had ever taken. Meditation allows me the space and security to reach into my deepest consciousness and be truthful to myself. It makes me a better person, knowing my strengths, weaknesses, deepest fears, beliefs and desires. Through meditation, I have learnt to harness these aspects of me to achieve a balance in both my inner and outer world.

Hence, meditation has benefited me in 3 ways,

- Control my emotions and thoughts;
- Choose to respond and not react; and
- Contentment that allows me to know I am blessed, to be positive and to have a happiness that emits internally.

3) What qualities do you have as a teacher that you want to share with your students?

Having gone through that period of soul searching an encountering that life changing question “How’s your life today?”, I am now able to identify and understand what most of us are going through in life. My life has changed because of this question. Richness in life is not only about material wealth, but also about inner peace, fulfillment and happiness. 

Having achieved the 3 “C”s, Control, Choice and Contentment, through the wisdom that was taught by Vikas, I know with certainty that the system works and it will work for you too.

As a teacher in meditation, I will be able to guide and provide that support you need to grow and achieve that balance in your inner and outer world. My passion is to make a difference and see that my students will be confident to answer the question “How’s your life today?” with a strong affirmative and positive answer.

Thank you Robin, true words of wisdom.

I am confident that you will inspire many more people globally now that you are a Meditation Teacher at SoulCentre.

It’s great to see that Robin “walks the talk” and inspires everyone he meets with his calmness and wisdom.

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Centre for Meditation & Mindfulness, and many students (and teachers) from around the world have learnt with us. We have taught over 25 different nationalities, and so we know the training and processes work across all cultures.

Vikas Malkani is the creator of our unique proprietary meditation programs, and he will personally train students to become a certified teacher.

Vikas is one of the world’s leading teachers of wisdom and meditation, who has taught leading companies and personalities, and anyone will be fortunate to have him as a guide. He is sought out by people from all over the world. 

We love to work with people who are passionate to be with us, and we grow as a wisdom family. 

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Meditation Teacher at SoulCentre, please connect with us at:


Meditation Teacher Training at SoulCentre

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