Meditation: My Secret Weapon

By Mary Jo Pokorski
SoulCentre Meditation Teacher,

8th August 2018

Why did you want to become a teacher of meditation?

As I underwent my meditation classes with Vikas, I started realizing how powerful and useful this ancient teaching was. What really was amazing to me was noticing what a profound effect it had begun to have in my own life in such a very short amount of time. I started releasing my fears and no longer lived a life overshadowed by anxiety. As I was finally dropping my burdens and started standing high again, I began noticing how my fellow students were all experiencing a similar renewed passion for life and were achieving a sense of freedom. When I saw how many of us were being brought forward to live our highest life, I realized that I had to share this in my turn and help as many people as possible by becoming a teacher of meditation. 

How did you feel on conducting your first program?

I was beyond excited. I was sharing my passion at last. I knew that the program’s content was mind-blowing and that it would change lives.


How has the feedback been?

I have always had very positive feedback. People often begin thinking that meditation is something mystical and a little beyond everyday life. After undergoing the class, they look at life through fresh eyes, empowered by wisdom and practical tools that allow them to deal with anything life offers at any time.

Can you give an example of someone who’s life has changed?

One of my most heartening experiences was when a client whose partner had left them came to seek support. They had been recommended to me by another one of my students. This person came in with the weight of their world on their shoulders. Under tremendous emotional stress: overwhelming sadness, anger, worry, sense of loss, you name it. As the sessions progressed, it was touching and inspiring to see this person opening to life as they connected with the ancient wisdom of meditation and benefited from immediate effects that meditation brings. By the final session this person was able to smile and laugh again, knowing that whatever came, they would be able to address it serenely.

How has meditation helps you personally?

Meditation has been a life-changer for me. I used to be overwhelmed by emotional ups and downs. I was especially prone to crippling anxiety for years. Meditation finally gave me an effective way to free myself from all of these inner stressors, and allowed me to create inner peace, as well as a sense of freedom and stability I was craving for.

Anyone and everyone can learn Meditation.

Our Next Meditation program is on 14/15/20/21 August and our next weekend program on 29/30 September.

At SoulCentre we teach all the way from Beginner to Advanced level and many of our students decide to become Teachers of Meditation and to share the wisdom.
Please do connect with us to start your Meditation journey. You are in great hands at SoulCentre.

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Meditation: My Secret Weapon

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