Meditation for Families

By Vidhya Shailesh
SoulCentre Certified Meditation Teacher
22nd  August 2018

Meditation is called the science of Freedom and Power. It is a science as it is logical, step-by-step and guarantees results when practiced. It is often misunderstood as a practice meant for those who wish to shun their responsibilities or those that wish to live in solitude. The truth however, is very different.

Meditation has been around for centuries and has withstood the test of time for a simple reason – It Works! Meditation is a way of life. The wisdom of meditation not just rewires your mind; it also rewires your life for the better. Why then would it be reserved for the select few? Ancient masters knew and understood the effects that meditation has on the human mind and hence prescribed it in one form or the other to every single person that approached them. Be it a child who wishes to develop deeper focus and concentration, or a teenager trying to manage their emotions or an adult who would like to create their life by choice. Meditation works for everyone, whatever stage of life they might be at or whatever state of mind they might be at.

meditation for families

As families, it is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Learning to meditate together, or simply following and living by some of the wisdom and teachings of meditation, drastically improves your quality of life individually and together as a family. Meditation helps you develop greater focus and clarity. It helps you become more compassionate and loving. This inner state of wellbeing and peace finds expression even in your external life and in your environment. You find that your relationships become more harmonious. And no matter what happens in your life, you always have a way of handling it well. Meditation helps you become a solution seeker rather than being a problem seeker. Family meditation practices can help reduce anxiety and stress and promote health and happiness in busy parents and children.

Storms are the nature of the sea. Similarly storms in life are inevitable. The wisdom of meditation helps us to keep our balance and sail through the storms with ease. Be it a child, or a teenager or an adult, the wisdom applies to one and all. A family that meditates together is grounded in wisdom and more supportive of each other. Life has the ability to throw us off guard. In all the ups and down of life, it is necessary for us to have the right balance. Meditation gives us the wisdom, tools and the techniques to find this inner balance. It gives us the right mindset to sail through life. Meditation teaches us to keep our focus and have greater clarity on what we would like out of our lives.

Masters live by choice, not by chance. Meditation helps us become the masters of our own lives. When parents are well anchored in wisdom and meditation, they can guide their children well through their growing up years. Conditioning is often handed down from the parents to the children. A healthy meditation practice helps us break down conditioning and beliefs that do not serve us. It helps us instill the right skills and belief systems in our children. Each generation serves as teachers to the next. It is therefore wise to invest in ourselves so we can become better teachers for our children and the generations to come.

Here are a few ways to embrace meditation as a family:

1) Learn and practice together. Even if it is a short practice sit and do it together. Talk about how it feels and your observations.

2) Let your children watch you practice. As they watch, they will get inclined towards practicing it themselves. Talk about how you apply the wisdom on a day to day basis. Be dedicated to an everyday practice.

3) Create a little corner for meditation or set a routine perhaps a bedtime one where you meditate for a short period of time before you fall asleep each night. Simple breathing exercises, reflection on the day gone by, gratitude for what life offers are all great ways to start.

4) Start with short periods of time and gradually increase the time you sit for meditation. Expect some resistance but don’t give up. With some practice, it becomes easier.

At SoulCentre, we teach Meditation at all levels from beginner to advance. Our sessions are short, easy to learn, practical and produce results right from day one. When learnt properly, you will develop a love for the practice as you can see the results unfold in your own life. Learning to meditate is the best investment you can make for yourself.

The next Meditation Made Simple ™ program is on September 11/12/18/19. In 4 short sessions, you can learn several valuable lessons and techniques, which are guaranteed to help on an ongoing basis. To find out more, get in touch with us at or visit

Meditation for Families

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