Learn to Meditate for Beginners

Meditation in Singapore

By Vikas Malkani

Founder of SoulCentre® and creator of Meditation Made Simple™

Meditation has become a buzz word these days even though it's been around for centuries. There are a few reasons for this –

1)    There has been an increased understanding that meditation helps us to live a happy and peaceful life.

2)    Lifestyle and social norms today put increased pressure on everyone, from children to parents and especially on corporate professionals. All of us need an effective way to manage stress before it overwhelms us, and meditation is the perfect solution.

3)    People are realising that meditation is a non-religious practice; one that is systematic and scientific in its application. Thus more people are inclined to explore it and benefit from it.

4)    Scientific and medical professionals are standing behind the benefits of meditation, and there is plenty of scientific evidence that states meditation is highly effective.

5)    Many celebrities have openly stated that meditation has helped them immensely. This adds further validation in the public to take on the activity.


Meditation is an ancient science of understanding our mind and training it to be our friend, not our enemy. Mindfulness is a subset of the science of meditation.

Training the mind is necessary because every day of our life starts with our thoughts and ends with our thoughts too. During the day, our thoughts are endless too. Thoughts in turn create emotional states and even influence our actions. If we value our happiness, peace, clarity, compassion and emotional stability, these positive emotional states can only be achieved if we learn to train our mind.

Just think of meditation as getting more mentally fit and in balance; more in control of your emotions and personal peace. You can also think of meditation as a way of training the mind, just as you would use various exercises to train the body.

Many studies have shown that meditation (and mindfulness) significantly improves our health level. The stress release and the deep rest produced when we meditate activate the body's own healing forces. Meditation is also an excellent complement to conventional medicine or surgery. It has been seen that patients who meditate heal themselves faster.

Anyone can meditate. Meditation is a simple, natural and effortless technique for quietening and training the mind, making us experience an inner peace and leading us to connect with our real nature. We become healthier as a result of meditation.

Meditation and mindfulness are easy to learn and can be practised almost anywhere including in one’s office or car while commuting. There are many different meditation techniques and one can always find one suitable to you and the environment at hand.

If you can take out 5 minutes a day, you can meditate and see tangible benefits.

Technique 1

Focus on Breath - One of the easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breath, which is a great way to improve focus and concentration. Start with only a few minutes at a time and slowly increase the duration.

Focus your attention on your breath, stay with your breath as you inhale and exhale, and each time you notice your mind wandering off, and simply bring your attention back to your breath.

A few minutes of this technique and you will find your mind becomes peaceful and quiet.

Technique 2

Mindfulness - Another easy way for beginners is by practicing Mindfulness Meditation, which entails observing your thoughts with attention but without judgement or engagement. The intention is not to get involved with the thoughts that crop by in your mind, or to judge them, but simply to be aware of each thought as it arises.

You may begin to realise that often you have a tendency to quickly judge an experience, thought, or person as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. With practice, an inner balance and peace begins to develop, and the mind quietens down from this erratic, active and agitated way of being.

At SoulCentre (www.soulcentre.org), we teach non-religious meditation and mindfulness in a professional and scientific manner, and everyone who attends benefits.

By attending our ‘Meditation Made Simple’ program you will learn 7 to 8 different techniques that you can benefit from. They take just a few minutes a day to practice, and you will see real benefits.

You can use what you learn at home, at work, and while engaging in an active and busy life.

Vikas Malkani is an authority and best-selling author on meditation and mindfulness. He has been referred to as the World’s #1 Wisdom Coach.

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Learn to Meditate for Beginners

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