By Tanja Lennertz, SoulCentre,
22 November 2017

Our daily life has changed rapidly over the last decades. Technological development is on an all-time high and is a large contributor to the fast-paced society of nowadays. The latest smart phone is outdated in the blink of an eye and there is a convenient app for everything! Everyone and everything is within reach with a push on a button and we are being bombarded with huge amounts of information to process. Many people are hooked to their phones and tablets from the moment they wake up in the morning until late at night, keeping their brain active. The quality of sleep becomes less and the body can no longer recharge itself fully overnight. In our attempt to keep up with everything, we forget to build in the so much needed time to decompress. As a consequence we experience higher and higher stress levels and burn out rates are going through the roof.

meditation for stress relief


Let’s have a closer look at the impact of stress on the body and mind:

The body

In essence the body goes into survival mode when we experience stress. This mechanism used to help us survive in the earlier days when we had to protect ourselves when attacked by wild animals. In survival mode the body produces adrenaline and stress hormones instantly and shuts off other bodily functions temporarily to enable us to react quickly and with great clarity in the mind to a life-threatening situation. When the situation is over, all bodily functions go back to normal.

In today’s age, mostly, we no longer have to fear for our survival. But the so-called fight-flight response is still deep rooted in us. It is now triggered by other external circumstances such as time constraints, the pressure we feel or put on ourselves to accomplish things, a sudden change in life or situations where things don’t go as planned. And the ever-increasing pace of life leads to even more stress moments. These moments are no longer limited to only once in a while, but occur several times a day and some people even feel stressed all day long. So, the adrenaline and stress hormones are active in the body many moments of the day or even constantly. This is not healthy for our body. Slowly but surely we get tired and we get sick.

The mind

The impact of stress on the mind can be enormous. When experiencing stress our thinking becomes less flexible, we are more easily irritated and experience less happiness and joy in life. Longer-term high stress levels can even evoke anxiety, depression and burn outs.

These negative emotions then have a negative impact on the body, which has a negative impact on the mind again and this is how a downward spiral is created.

It is therefore very important to relief stress on a regular basis. Meditation is a very effective and easy way to relieve stress. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take much time and great results can already be achieved with simple 5-minute tools and techniques.

An amazing technique that brings instant relief is the 4-2-6 breathing technique, developed by Vikas Malkani; founder of SoulCentre (

1) Breathe in for 4 seconds
2) Hold your breath for 2 seconds
3) Breathe out for 6 seconds

Do this 3 times a day for 3 minutes and feel the positive difference this brings to your every day life! You will fee more calm and peaceful, experience more happiness and it will even slow down your aging process!

More tools and techniques, and the wisdom behind them, are taught in our unique and life changing Meditation Program. Our next first level class – Meditation Made Simple – is starting on 23 January 2018 and consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours. We offer morning and evening sessions to suit your schedule!

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Centre for Meditation, Mindfulness & Stress-Management. For details & dates of our meditation programs, connect to 



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