Meditation Classes In Singapore - 4 Easy Stress Management Tips

Vikas Malkani, Founder of SoulCentre,

11th October 2017

The word 'stress' originates from the French word 'estrece' meaning 'narrowness' and depicts a limiting or constriction of your power and abilities.

You have the feeling of being stressed out when you think you have too much to handle either on a mental, emotional or physical level. Stress also occurs when you view change and pressure as burdens rather than as challenges.

Stress Management Tips

Anything viewed negatively has the potential of causing stress in your life. Interestingly, what makes one person stress-full may be quite an ordinary event for another. The secret to releasing stress is to realize that stress is created not by the event or circumstance itself, but by the way we respond to what happens to us.

We must learn effective methods of managing stress to be able to enjoy happiness and fulfilment in our life.

Here are 4 simple and effective tips to manage stress and bring back happiness and peace of mind.


In every situation, you always have two choices - either curse the darkness, or light a candle.  Meditation helps you to train your mind to choose the more positive attitude.

Remember that stress arises out of the way you think, and since meditation is the skill of training your mind, and becoming aware of your thoughts, meditation is also one of the most effective antidotes to stress. Negative thinking produces stress and thinking positively releases it, it’s that simple in most cases.

So find a good teacher and learn the skills of meditation and mindfulness. Countless studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness help you to manage stress better.


If you constantly think about what you lack, you will be more stressed out. Instead, begin every day by consciously remembering your blessings and realizing that you are in a better position than the majority of your world.

The wisdom of meditation and mindfulness teaches us that everyone can manage stress and create a happier life for themselves, no matter what the circumstances are. So stay focused on what’s good in your life. This one practice will allow you to control stress as it builds up during the day.


Trying to control every moment and outcome of your life causes more stress than any other process. Instead of controlling outcomes, take the action the present moment requires, and then, stop clinging to the results.

It’s the constant clinging and worry about the results that is the primary creator of stress. So, once your best action is done, step back and wait for the results to arrive, then respond to them.


Do things one at a time. Don’t be too concerned about how much there is to do, or how overwhelming the tasks seem.  Just get one thing done at a time, again and again. 

One step at a time you can climb the highest mountain, and one step at a time you can accomplish the greatest task. So chunk it down and you will accomplish more with greater ease. Focus on the one action you can take now, and do what’s in your power.

If you wish to become stress-free, I highly recommend our ‘Meditation Made Simpleprogram as the perfect first step in your journey to a stress free and happy life. Click here to see dates and register

Vikas Malkani is an authority on meditation and mindfulness and has taught its secrets to CEO’s, Hollywood stars, Royalty, doctors, psychologists and sports champions.

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Centre for Meditation, Mindfulness & Stress-Management.

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Meditation Classes in Singapore - 4 Easy Stress Management Tips

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