Life Success Method

Coaching with Wisdom

By Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA
16th October 2018

“You are the author of your own life story” – Vikas Malkani.

This quotation is written on the wall at SoulCentre and every day I read it as a much-needed reminder.
We are the authors of our own life story and the pen is firmly in our hands.

What you do in this moment determines the rest of your life.
The moment you decide to take control of your life is the moment you change your destiny.

What does Life Success mean to you?
We get so caught up in being busy, the endless “to-do lists” that we forget to take time out for silence.
Silence offers a time to reconnect, to re-calibrate and to focus on what life truly means.
From silence comes the solutions to life.

One Decision
One Choice
One Action …changes your life.

Often, we stay safe, we hold onto the mundane, the tried and tested, the known, and we do not venture forth into the unknown, into a brighter world and a new future.

I inspire my clients to “Have the courage to follow your heart”.
Sit in silence and allow yourself the opportunity to really listen to the voice of your heart.
What does it want?
What does it not want?

The heart provides a deep inner knowing, and from a space of silence decisions can be made that will move you in the right direction.
Of course, the mind will try to talk you out of it, as it operates from a base of conditioning, fear and judgement.
We live in a noisy and busy world. We are connected 24/7 and bombarded with messages trying to grab our attention wherever we go. I call it the “copy –paste” society as everyone wants instant rewards, is constantly watching what others are doing and then copying it.

In such a world, the Authentic Souls shine bright.
Find your inner moral compass.
Find out what makes your heart sing.
Find your inner passion.

Stop chasing the next shiny new object.

Connect with your heart and become one with your natural flow.
The depth of the voice within your heart knows the truth.
You were born an original, so there is no need to copy others.
Listen, Trust and follow the Flow.
From this state synchronicity and miracles happen.

What you do in this moment leads to the next moment.
Life changes in a Moment.
Life Success…begins with you.


Life Success Method.
Sally conducts coaching one on one and also group programs.
At Life Success Method, you discover your life purpose, bring out your passion and find ways to make all of this into a success.

Life Success Method

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