Certified Reiki Course in Singapore

by Sally Forrest
20 December 2017

Twenty years ago, I discovered Reiki for the first time.

As a medical pharmacist, I was well trained in the Western aspects of medicine and hungry to learn more about Eastern methods of health and healing.

Reiki is a gentle healing energy that brings your mind, emotions and body into balance and with that comes a feeling of harmony and relaxation. Since that day I have studied and researched the mind- body connections and how our thoughts, emotions and actions actually shape our life.

At any moment, we have a choice about how we respond to whatever life is offering to us.
If we are in a situation that we enjoy then it’s good to feel happy and elated, it’s great to fully enjoy the moment and to create happy memories in the mind.
The challenge comes however when we are in a situation of stress, sadness or anger.
In these situations, we tend to “react” to life and not respond.

This means we do not allow ourselves a choice of action or emotion that will bring a positive outcome, instead we get caught up the negative emotions of the event and simply lash out.

Reiki works on many levels; The Mind, The Emotions, The Body and even on the Soul level.

Reiki allows you to see life in a new way and you begin to understand that at any moment you have a choice about life and how to get the best from it.
Reiki brings healing to the mind, emotions and also to the body.

Reiki is magical and anyone and everyone can benefit from it.

At SoulCentre, we teach Reiki from absolute beginner level all the way to Master and Teacher level.
In addition, we teach Reiki to therapists who work in some of the top Spa’s in the world.

We teach to a high professional level and many of our graduates become therapists and teachers of Reiki themselves.
Our syllabus includes detailed explanations about the body and how emotions can manifest into symptoms.
After learning at SoulCentre, graduates are able to help friends, family and take clients professionally.
Everyone can learn and we hold your hand and guide you at your own pace on the Reiki journey.
So, what are you waiting for? You are in the best hands possible!
Contact us today and allow us to introduce you to the magic of Reiki.

 Sally Forrest (BSc, MRPharmS, MBA)

Certified Reiki Course in Singapore

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