Success in LIfe

By Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA
12th September 2018

Success means different things to different people.
The question is “What does life success mean to you?”

Imagine that life is like pieces of a Jigsaw, each piece joins together to create an image.
What image are you creating for your Life?

In this moment I want you to simply STOP and reflect on your life.
Are you happy and content with the image you are creating, or do you want to alter the image in some way?
Your past does not have to determine your future and at any moment you have the ability to make changes to life.


I work with many clients to first identify what are their natural strengths.
What skills and talents did you arrive with?
Believe it or not this is actually written into your date of birth and by using elemental analysis I can explain exactly the make-up of your skill set.

For example:

Fire element is all about inspiring other, showing your passion and leading the way.
Metal element is law abiding, disciplined and great at setting up systems and processes.
Wood element loves to learn and grow, to teach others.
Water element likes speed of implementation, expansion and is able to change form.
Earth element is trustworthy, stable and reassuring.

What elements you are born with and how they interact is the first step to understanding what pieces you have in your jigsaw.
My philosophy is that you follow your strengths, you grow these to excellence as these are the pieces of the jigsaw that you arrived with.
Along your journey you collect new pieces each year and these are also explained through a series of cycles.

Not everyone has all 5 elements and this will also give an indication of what roles are not suited to you as well as weaker areas to develop.

Together we formulate a Life Success Method that is tailored to you, and may include Health, Wealth, Relationships, Purpose, Work, Growth and Legacy…
The pieces are up to you as Success is your own creation and will mean different things to different people.

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Success In Life

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