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6th September 2017

In Chinese metaphysics there are 3 aspects we consider:

Heaven – the energies you were born with. Your date of birth is converted into elements. (BaZi)

Earth - The space you live in – the energy of the home and office (Feng Shui)

Man – The actions you take and the consequences of those actions.

The focus is always on the Yin and Yang of life, 2 opposing energies, which come together as a complete circle once in balance.

This image is seen everywhere as a black and white circle of energy which is ever moving.

Feng Shui For Inner Harmony


The energy all around you (Qi) cannot be converted or destroyed, it simply changes from one form to the next.

For example a young child has a lot of Yang (active) energy, whilst an aging 90 year old has more Yin (passive) energy.


1) Understand the phase of life you are in.

A young child should be running around, expelling lots of energy as they are living in the Yang phase of life. Similarly a 90 year old will be having more afternoon naps and relaxing more as they are in the Yin phase of live.

The issue comes when “nature” is not followed. For example in today's world many children do not run around, their faces are pressed to TV’s and Computer screens all day and their way of communicating and connecting is via a key board. The Yang energy cannot be expressed, and often it erupts as “anger” and “tantrums” as it has been contained for too long in the body.

2) Every day everyone should have Yin and Yang activities.

Yin is easy, it's sleep time, however do make sure you are getting at least 6 hours of quality sleep a night.

The bedroom should be made Yin, and anything that distracts the energy should be removed (TV, Mobile phones, Radio’s etc.)

Yang energy is also needed in life and this includes a brisk 10-minute walk each day in nature. Yang energy is anything physical which gets the heart pumping and the pulse racing. Shouting on your favorite sports team or getting excited watching Game of Thrones does not count ;)

3) Qi is also expressed as emotions.

So, it’s time to pay attention to how our emotions swing on a daily basis.

Anger, bitterness, frustration, jealousy, fear … are overly Yang and push you out of balance.

Being able to control and choose our emotions is a skill worth learning and it comes through understanding the mind and meditation.

Once you can see how the mind affects your emotions, then life becomes smoother as you can choose how to “respond” and you no longer “react”.

4) Listen to your body.

Believe it or not your body gives you messages, which can be interpreted to give you an insight into what is happening in life. Here are 3 examples:

The liver for example holds anger and the “need to control”.

The Heart is about self-love, acceptance and the need to be loved for who you are.

The Legs are about “standing up for yourself" and moving forward in life.

So if you have any issues in any part of the body, listen to the message and take action to bring it back into balance.


Yes there will be times when we are super busy, however remember to plan in times when rest and relaxation take priority.

Learn and watch nature and soon you will see that balance and routine is the way of a smooth, happy and healthy life.

Connect with Sally to learn more or to have a private consultation on any aspect of your life.


Sally is a medical pharmacist, a successful businesswoman and an authority on Feng Shui and BaZi.

She does key note speeches on all aspects of Feng Shui, guides businesses and also conducts one on one private sessions with clients.

Sally is also the founder of SoulCentre® Pte Ltd, Asia’s Premier Centre for Personal Development.

Feng Shui For Inner Harmony

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