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27th September 2017

Do you know the song ‘Eat – Sleep – Rave – Repeat’? Replace the word ‘Rave’ with ‘Work’ and there you have the cycle that many of us feel trapped in. Eat – Sleep – Work – Repeat. Add a bit of daily leisure time to the mix, and that’s our life. Although we have built comfortable lives for ourselves and our basic needs are provided for, we are not necessarily experiencing happiness. We get constantly caught up in the small stuff. No wonder that at a certain point in our lives, we start asking ourselves the question: “Is this all there is to life?”


The answer is NO! There is absolutely more to life. Life is about learning how we can find happiness and peace inside ourselves, rather than in the circumstances. The big picture is for us to arrive at what we truly are - love, happiness, inner peace, fulfilment, completion, wholeness - and to live our daily lives from that aspect. This is where our focus should be.

Aren’t those the things we all want deep down inside? The wisdom of mindfulness and meditation teaches us that everyone can create this for themselves, no matter what the circumstances are. It is not just for the happy few!

HOW, you might ask? Let me lift a tip of the veil.

Here are 3 profound tips:


People, possessions, circumstances; nothing stays the same forever, sooner or later everything will pass away. This is called the law of impermanence. It teaches us 2 major things:

a)  There is always hope. Even the bad things will pass away eventually. Also, good things can always enter your life at any moment. Just make sure you have an open hand to let go and receive.

b)  As it is inevitable to lose the good things, enjoy them as much as you can as long as they are in your life. When the time comes to let them go, focus on the gratitude for all the joy they brought instead of on the grief for no longer having them.


On a certain level, we are all connected and dependent on each other and on nature too. Without oxygen, we can’t breathe. Without rain, sunlight and farmers to plant the seeds, there is no fruits and vegetables to fuel our bodies. Without teachers, there are no schools. We depend on our jobs to pay our bills and on our governments to have roads, hospitals and so forth and so on. We all have a role to play. Each and every day other people’s lives are impacted by what you contribute to the world. So, whatever you do in life, know that what you do matters! Keep this in mind daily and give it your best. You will soon see how this changes your perception of the role that you play in life.


If you are truly passionate about something and it makes you experience utter joy and happiness, you will know you have found your life’s purpose. It will be effortless and it will feed your soul. This is what is meant by “Follow your Heart”. As young children, this is exactly what we constantly do, doing what makes us happy at each and every moment.

However, in the course of our lives, we often get distracted from following our hearts. We are influenced by many people around us and put into structures that society created for us. Our parents may tell us that we really can’t study X, because Y or Z will give us better perspectives for our careers. We roll from one thing into another by decisions that come from the mind. We build up our lives and all of a sudden we realize that all those decisions, have lead to a life that gives only little inner joy and happiness.

Find out what your passion is, what makes your heart sing, and see how you can integrate it into your life. Maybe you pick up on a hobby that you are passionate about, but have neglected for a while; it can be instantly added to your life. Maybe you decide you want a career change and need to study first; you can build the path to your life’s purpose step by step. Remember, there’s always a way to add purpose to your life!

Apply these tips, they absolutely contribute to the life full of happiness, peace, joy and love that you may be looking for!

The SoulCentre® meditation classes contain many more wisdom secrets and meditation techniques that pave the path to a happy and healthy life. Our next meditation for beginners class ‘Meditation Made Simple’ starts on 31st October 2017. We offer morning and evening sessions to suit your schedule!

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