Simplify Life

By Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA
1st October 2018

We attend school and learn many subjects such as English, Mathematics, Languages etc. Subjects that can move us forwards in certain aspects of our life.

However, whoever teaches us about life, business and purpose?
We “bumble” along picking up bits and pieces from those who have gone before us, and in a way, we are conditioned by our closest family as to what life really does mean.

Sally created the “Life Success Method” to help people take a look at their life as it stands in this moment and to then decide what exactly they want from their life in the future.

Life is made up of many pieces and each of us will put a different emphasis onto these pieces at different stages of life;

•    Family
•    Business
•    Career
•    Health
•    Spirituality / Wisdom
•    Wealth
•    Purpose
•    Contribution
•    Social interaction

The list may be different for different people and at the “Life Success Method”, Sally works with individuals to identify their personal needs and then guides them forwards on how to achieve this.

The Life Success Method identifies your strengths and what in-born skills you have to bring to the word;

•    Are you cut out to be a business owner or should you focus on being more of a professional?
•    How are your stress levels and your health in general?
•    What life and business issues are you facing that need solutions?
•    What are your long-term goals and aspirations?

Sally has a depth of experience, from senior management in large organizations, franchising and licensing expertise, setting up a not for profit orphanage and growing her own business to great success. She combines her business skills with her knowledge of ancient wisdom to guide individuals to live a life of happiness, success, significance and legacy.

Sally believes you can “have it all” and with clarity, guidance and focus the world is truly your oyster.

Sally’s audio is available on the link:

Simplify Life

Price SGD $ 60

To book an appointment with Sally connect at

Simplify Life

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