4 October 2017

Sally Forrest

“Reiki is a way of living, it’s a lifestyle.

It gives you a new awareness and brings everything together.”

Health Benefits Of Reiki

Imagine having the ability to heal yourself.

Imagine listening to your body and knowing how you can support it.

Imagine feeling that you are able to make a difference in any moment.

This is the joy of Reiki and the secret of natural healing.

Once you tune out of all the external distractions of the world, and begin to tune into yourself and your own inner messages, then miracles can happen.

Reiki natural healing is simply the ability to really connect with and listen to your own body and then use the energy of the universe to bring healing and balance to your body.

A peaceful body is in harmony with itself and is in balance.

A body with “Dis-ease” simply means that it is out of balance and harmony, it has moved away from ease and symptoms now develop.

I believe that if a body knows how to make itself “dis-eased” then it also knows how it can make itself healthy and whole.

All we need to do is to tune in and to listen.

A medical pharmacist by training, I realised that many people in the world have no access to medicines yet can heal themselves in various ways.

This was the beginning of my journey into the mind-body connections and I have been learning and teaching for over 15 years.


These are just a few of the benefits reported by SoulCentre students:

An increased level of energy and positivity.

Improved sleep patterns.

Less stress.

Weight loss is easier to achieve and maintain.

Food choices change, the body seems to know what it wants to eat.

Less pain in chronic conditions.

Improved skin and hair condition.

Emotional stability.

Inner happiness and peace.

Many students have seen positive benefits in any current condition that they have.

This includes being able to get pregnant after thinking there was no hope…. to one lady from Switzerland seeing a cure in her cancer cells.

It truly is amazing and is so easy to learn.

Reiki is an easy to learn process that brings natural healing to yourself and others.

Sally teaches Reiki from beginner level all the way to Certified Teacher level.

Please do connect - it will be the best gift that you can give to yourself and your family.

Health Benefits Of Reiki

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