Sally Forrest 

12th October 2016

We have been teaching Meditation & Mindfulness at SoulCentre for the past 12 years.

Many different people have passed through our doors and each one leaves a happier and calmer person as a result.

Finding a good teacher is the secret of meditation.

It is easy to do on line courses or listen to guided meditations and to think that this is what meditation is all about, however this is not the truth.

Meditation Classes

The true test of meditation is when the storms of life hit us and we are able to stay anchored and calm as we sail through them.

Many people are not able to do this and at the first sign of trouble a few things happen :

•  The “why me” response …life is not fair and why has this hit me.

•  The verbal reaction happens – Sh*t - F*** - Bas***d ……you pick the language – the chances are this is what you say the moment the storm hits. “Jesus” is another popular one and often it is uttered from people who are not particularly religious.

•  The blame starts – if so and so had not done x/y/z …then this would not have happened to me….

•  Often we become angry – we feel like we are victims – we moan, crib and blame everyone else but ourselves.

•  This is the benefit of a teacher, a real person who will simply listen and hold up a mirror for us to see the reality of our life. We begin to see why the things that happen to us do so.

Our thoughts, actions and choices brought the storm upon us, so now, how we chose to respond will determine the next chapter.

The joys of group meditation allow you to experience the lives of many other individuals and to listen and learn from them.

Experiences are shared and a storm that one person is going through may resonate with you and you can see a different way of dealing with it .

Alternatively the storm may not have hit you just yet, but who knows what the future holds and at least you are prepared.

One thing is for sure, we all encounter storms, and with the right tools and training we can adjust our sails and continue with life.

Group meditation classes have many benefits and these include :

•  Like-minded people on the journey to calmness.

•  A sharing of experiences.

•  A sharing of techniques and what worked and great ideas how to benefit even more.

•  A brotherhood and sisterhood develops.

•  Successes are celebrated and people start to notice your calmness and gentle aura.

•  Ideas are shared openly and ones that you can apply to your life should be welcomed and applied.

•  You start to realize that everyone has issues and stuff happening to them – and actually your life is not that different from others.

•  The dramas start to reduce as you realize they are no longer dramas, unless of course we choose to make them into dramas.

•  You have a dedicated teacher who supports you and guides you on this journey called life.

We teach meditation each month in 4 session courses ( morning and evening sessions).

If you have not learnt yet, what are you waiting for?

It's the best gift that you can give to yourself!

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Meditation Courses - What Are The Benefits Of Learning Meditation In A Group Class

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