Sally Forrest

16 November 2016

The term meditation is often misunderstood.

Many assume that it is difficult to learn and that you have to sit cross legged on the floor for hours on end and achieve a state of "no thought".

Many think it is linked to certain religions and is not for everyone.


Allow us to clarify exactly what meditation is and how it can support you in life.

Meditation simply is a way that allows you to see how your thoughts are affecting your reality.

"As you think, so you become" is the basis of meditation.

Once you start to see your thoughts and understand that they really do affect how you feel and act in life, then you have a choice to take.

“Do I want to keep thinking in a certain way – always reacting to the external world and it's stimulus, and getting disturbed and upset about things I cannot control or do I want to choose my thoughts in a considered way and respond to life differently.”

Let me give you an example : You are driving to work in the morning and a car suddenly cuts into your lane with no indication.

The first reaction could be to horn the driver, get angry and allow this anger to translate into actions (you pull an angry face at the driver - raise a finger in the air – get angry and rant to those in your car, naming and blaming the driver in front as “an idiot/stupid")

I think you know the scene and it’s a familiar one.

In the moment of anger, you lose all of your happiness and it was not even something that you did – it was as a result of an external event.

With meditation, you first see what is happening and then see how your thoughts are reacting to the external situation. You then simply allow yourself to make a decision – do these thoughts support me and my peaceful/calm mind or not?

The event has happened already and you cannot change or control the external event. However, what you can control is how your respond to it.

Meditation provides you with tools and techniques that allow you to choose how you want to respond to life instead of reacting to it.

It is easy to learn and at SoulCentre techniques are shared that you can apply in every situation that life offers.

At SoulCentre we teach through life stories and practical techniques that will suit every occasion.

We teach from beginner all the way to teacher level. Many of our teachers now travel all over the world teaching and sharing the wisdom with others.

Anyone and everyone can learn, children from the age of 6 all the way to seniors of 86 have passed through our Meditation Made Simple® programs.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today for a class and see how life changes.

It will be the best decision you have ever made.


What is Meditation – Meditation for Beginners

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