Sally Forrest

01st November 2017

Depression affects many people, and there is no “one reason” for it's onset.

It can affect all ages and at all stages of life.

It manifests when your mood changes and you cannot see the good in life, no matter how rosy life is.

The symptoms affect your thoughts, feelings and actions and day to day life activity just overwhelms you and you are not able to cope with it.

Reiki for Depression

Symptoms Of Depression Can Manifest As:

Sadness and a feeling of emptiness inside.

Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

A loss of interest in life and relationships.

Sleep issues, often not sleeping at night and then sleeping in the daytime.

Reduced energy.

Pessimistic thoughts and speech patterns with others.

A feeling you no longer belong.

An inability to make decisions, and a feeling of “what’s the point?”

So How Can Reiki Help?

Reiki is able to harness positive energy and to bring it into the body which then results in calmness and a sense of balance.

Reiki works on many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A client does not have to believe in Reiki for it to work.

It is best if a client commits to learning Reiki as during the training the ‘principles of living’ are discussed and issues such as anger, worry, frustration and stress are discussed in length.

Everything in life begins with a thought and Reiki is able to ignite a spark which makes the thoughts become more positive, less pessimistic and more accepting of life.

At SoulCentre we have trained hundreds of students in Reiki and some of them joined with issues of depression.

After a 2-day program, they begin to see the world with new eyes and understand fully how symptoms are a result of the body and mind moving away from balance and harmony.

Hand positions are taught that are very specific to organs of the body and particular emotions, and the student is then able to use their own hands to heal themselves.

Reiki is able to change students from the inside out.

Once a student feels the energy of Reiki for the first time, there is a genuine feeling of feeling loved, peaceful and safe.

All of the students with depression symptoms, who attended Reiki at SoulCentre, have gone on to make huge differences in their life.

They learn to manage their moods and start to see the joy in life once again.

They begin to take action, simple small steps towards a brighter future and see the results immediately.

Some of their comments are shared below:

“It’s as if a fog has lifted from my life”

“Thank you Sally, you have given me new eyes with which to see life”

“I now really understand how my thoughts affect my health”

“Reiki has been the best gift I have ever given to myself”

SoulCentre conducts Reiki classes from beginner to teacher level.

Sally is a medical pharmacist and ensures that every student has their personal needs met and that they fully understand how to help themselves going forwards.

For more information on how to book a Reiki course, contact SoulCentre; 

Reiki For Depression

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