Meditation Calms my Monkey Mind

By Kenneth Ng,
SoulCentre Certified Meditation Teacher
16th May 2018

Our minds are super machines that don’t quite rest! Once we are awake from our sleep, thousands of thoughts, both positive and negative, start flooding our mind, like a tsunami throughout the day. No wonder then, that the meditation masters refer to our mind as the ‘Monkey Mind’, that’s constantly restless, agitated and frequently exhausted too!

Thus training the mind to be peaceful and positive becomes very important. The question is, ‘how?’ Personally, meditation is the way to go for me, as it transforms the mind, making it clear, positive and liberated.


I am a trained counsellor and an avid blogger, who writes articles about positive living and life musings ( I believe that mastering one’s mind, through meditation and mindfulness practices, is an important ingredient to living life positively. However, before I started learning, I had a misconception that meditation was a religious practice, and since I am not a religious person, when I wanted to learn meditation, I decided on SoulCentre after searching extensively online, as it seems to be reliable and reputable.

True enough, SoulCentre did not disappoint me. The lessons were fun, engaging and captivating. My teacher Vikas Malkani, made every lesson (and in fact every moment) inspirational. Vikas let us learn and experience his teaching and lessons in our own way and was always there to answer our most difficult questions about life.
There were so many 'ah-ha' moments in his lessons and the wisdom Vikas taught became my reminders or even anchors in my life now. And as for Vikas, he is huge! He is full of compassion for his students and his BIG smile can comfort you in the most amazing way! (

The more I learnt and practiced meditation, the more I came to realise that it has been grossly misunderstood. Meditation is simply a scientific and systematic practice to tame one’s mind. Meditation is a form of mind exercise, and the way to a positive and liberated mind. It should be seen as a practice tool. And when practice is anchored to wisdom, our minds become calmer, more positive and liberated. With that, we make decisions more soundly and confidently and become healthier individuals as well.
I have been practicing meditation for more than a year now and I am already experiencing the many benefits – happier, more positive thoughts, better sleep, a greater confidence and a more complete awareness and sense of self.

Being inspired by Vikas, I completed my training to become certified as a Meditation Teacher with SoulCentre.

Meditation has certainly given me a renewed appreciation of life. If you want to learn what true meditation is, and enjoy its many benefits, connect with me at

Kenneth Ng
+65 90610716


Meditation Calms My Monkey Mind

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