Heal Yourself

By Sally Forrest
Managing Director, SoulCentre Pte Ltd., www.soulcentre.org
30th May 2018

“The body knows how to heal itself”
is a belief that I hold dear to my heart.

All dis-ease is simply a process of our mind, emotions and body moving away from a state of ease.
If the body was able to make the disease, then the body knows how to reverse the process.

For example, if you fall and break a bone, the body will eventually fix the bone without you having to get involved.
Sometimes we over-complicate and get over-emotional about disease.
I feel it’s time to reverse our thinking processes and instead of giving people extra attention when they fall sick, we should reward and give attention when healthy.

As a child, I suffered from Asthma. It started when I was 3, and every time I fell sick I was able to sleep with my parents, have a day off school, receive a jigsaw and get lots of attention. In effect, I was rewarded and treated like a princess when I was sick!
It was not until I left home at the age of 18 and went to college that I realized the asthma became “cured”.
Suddenly I was in charge of my own life, standing on my own feet and not needing the attention of my parents. The “miracle “was that the asthma disappeared, however the “awakening” was that the asthma was a distraction, a way of getting attention and extra treats at home. The mind is crafty and the body gets tricked into following it.

This may seem like an unusual way of looking at life, however I have worked with many clients and I see a pattern that emerges when people feel rewarded, special and get attention when sick.
Once I shine light on the pattern, then the illness starts to go away.

Put your illness in “the past”

We have all experienced the occasion when over a casual coffee you asked someone the innocent question “how are you?”. Fifteen long minutes later the monologue is continuing about all the things that are wrong with the person’s health.
The truth is that many of us love our dramas!
We love to talk about our issues and health problems.
What we do not realize is that by giving attention to them, in effect we are feeding the issues and making them grow.

I advise my clients to put all issues in the past tense.
“I had cancer”
“I had asthma”
“I used to get migraines”

By tricking the mind, and starving the attention on the illness, the body is able to start the process of moving into balance and healing itself.
Try it and you will see it works.

Daily Mantras that work.

I am happy, I am healthy, I love myself……
I am healthy, I love my body, I forgive myself….
I am love, I am free, I am healthy….

Pick one of the above and make it a part of your daily routine….
By focusing on the present moment and putting positive affirmations into the mind, the body will begin to heal.
Repeat them over and over again as you go about your day.
Anchor them into your daily routine – for example (morning and night) as you brush your teeth you can say them silently.
At your coffee break you can repeat them…. Get into a routine and soon enough it will become second nature and a phrase that is playing silently as you go about your day.

Try these simple tools and techniques that work.
Your body vibrates at a frequency, and the tools and techniques that I use will bring your body into balance once more to a frequency of health.

Sally’s next Self-Healing Workshop is on 4/5 August.
To book a place simply connect with us on:

Sally is a medical pharmacist and for the past 18 years has been studying eastern methods of natural healing. She is able to combine the east and the west and enlightens her clients on the path to happiness, health and wholeness.








Heal Yourself

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