Sally Forrest

31 May 2017

I know that many people read the horoscopes and analyze every word to see if it resonates with their life.

Western horoscopes class everyone into monthly charts, so anyone born in late November / mid December for example will read the Sagittarius write-up.

BaZi is a Chinese system of analyzing the date and time you are born and then provides a chart of elements to show the gifts you were born with.


It is tailored to your date and time of birth and therefore is spookily accurate.

Not only does it show you your strengths and talents, it also shows any areas that may be lacking and therefore would be good to bring into balance.

It really is your blue print to success and happiness!

The 5 Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

For example :

A “Metal Element” person likes discipline, takes action, is determined and will get things done.

A “Water Element” person will take fast action, likes change, will always be on the move, is flexible and can support others well.

A “Wood Element” person likes to learn, to grow, to network and to meet like-minded people.

A “Fire Element” person is passionate, wise, inspirational and lights up the room.

An “Earth Element” person is stable, trustworthy, cautious, protective and reliable.

Every chart has a mixture of 8 elements and so every chart is different and unique.

Each chart also can tell you the following :

Who are you really – your strengths and qualities

How you behave in your social circles

Your preferred job type

Whether you should be an entrepreneur / business owner or salaried employee

What you want in a partner

Your relationship to money

Your hopes, dreams and ambitions

Your relationship to children

Why you get along with some people and not with others

….. and a million more things!

Sally is a BaZi “Business and Life Coach” and is able to guide you on all aspects of your life journey throughout your chart.

She is unique as she applies her vast business background and her wisdom to give clear action points for you to take away to unlock your charts potential.

Every year has an effect on your chart and with Sally’s guidance you are able to navigate a path that bring smooth sailing, happiness and a knowledge that you are in control of your own destiny.

Connect today and book a private session : sally@soulcentre.org

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