Your Mind is your Best Asset

Why do people learn to meditate? Their answers may surprise you, however the bottom line is that your MIND can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

My Experience of Speaking in Japan at TEDX

Do I have the confidence and self esteem to speak on self esteem? ...and in a foreign country like Japan! It was an amusing comment that Sally made to herself and in that same moment she decided this is where Self Management and Leadership springs into action. Sally said YES to life! Read more about Sally Forrest's experience as a Tedx featured expert.

Meditation Helps Busy Professionals

For Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh, PhD, signing up for Meditation Made Simple was the best decision of her life. She was amazed by the life-changing wisdom and the scientific, yet simple techniques that work so effectively. The techniques work on the fundamental level and they enhance our performance in all areas of our life.

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